The Results Are In! PwC Tests the Impact of Adform ID Fusion

We invited PwC to test and report on the effectiveness of ID Fusion by assessing the results of a recent ad campaign run by OMD and Renault. The results revealed significant improvements across key KPIs, such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Cost-per-Click (CPC), and an increase in addressable users.


Seamless Management of the Whole Campaign Life Cycle Across All Digital Channels

Adform FLOW is enterprise technology built for effortless modern marketing. Independent and integrated, Adform FLOW gives you the control you never had – configurable, transparent and secure - enabling seamless management of the whole campaign life cycle across all digital channels. 

Through exceptional user experience and enhanced human/machine collaboration, Adform FLOW provides Augmented Intelligence to amplify your business results.

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Adform named a 2022 Customers’ Choice for Ad Tech

We are delighted to share that Adform has been named a Customers’ Choice in the 2022 Gartner® Peer Insights™ 'Voice of the Customer’ for Ad Tech report. The “Voice of the Customer” is a document that synthesizes Gartner Peer Insights’ reviews in a market into insights for decision makers. We are also particularly proud to have been recognized as the only Customers' Choice within the Europe, Middle East and Africa Region Segment.

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"Since the launch of Adform FLOW, we've seen fantastic recognition from the industry and from our clients. This includes our continued recognition as a leader in Gartner's Magic Quadrant, as well as our award-winning user experience with a Red Dot award."


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