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Change the Game

Since the introduction of Adform FLOW in 2020, Adform has focused on completely revisiting and re-imagining every assumption made about the role of advertising technology as an enabler for the modern marketer. In an industry that often suffers from unnecessary and excessive complexity, we focus on raising the bar for what clients can expect when it comes to partnership and control.


When we developed Adform FLOW this meant re-architecting the engine at the heart of our platform while placing the marketer – not technical capabilities – first. This engine supports an award-winning user experience with an intuitive design that seeks to elevate essential data and leverage augmented intelligence to empower our users.


This re-imagining of the advertiser/technology relationship is Adform FLOW – Adform FLOW is enterprise technology built for modern marketing. Independent and integrated, it gives you the control you never had – configurable, transparent and secure - enabling seamless management of the whole campaign life cycle across all digital media channels.


Through exceptional user experience and enhanced human/machine collaboration, Adform FLOW provides Augmented Intelligence to amplify your business results.

Cross-Media Has Never Been Easier

The modern marketer faces a fragmentation of solutions and constantly increasing pressure to meet ever-evolving KPIs. Seamless discovery, optimization, forecasting, and activation across all major media channels are now at the heart of Adform FLOW’s offering with our new Cross-Media Marketplace. With full support for Video, CTV, Audio, Gaming, DOOH, Display, Mobile, and Native, running your digital campaigns has never been easier.

Award-Winning User Experience Backed by Powerful Augmented Intelligence

At the heart of Adform FLOW is a commitment to simplifying every aspect of the campaign life cycle backed by the power of robust augmented intelligence that works to automate redundant tasks while surfacing urgent insights, alerts, and opportunities. Adform FLOW delivers an award-winning user experience that unlocks efficiency gains, reduces fatigue, and helps you identify and act on opportunities in real-time. For the modern marketer, this starts with facilitating empowered communication across your internal teams, regardless of geography, organizational structure, seniority, or domain knowledge.

One Platform Covering the Whole Campaign Life Cycle

Adform FLOW is a platform that gives you full cost transparency at every step of the journey. Developed as a unified technology, running on a single architecture with a centralized user-experience, Adform FLOW delivers complete insight and control over what happens across the entire platform. A natively connected platform means seamless execution with zero data loss, enhanced reporting, and better results translating into real cost savings. The path to effortless modern marketing begins with putting you firmly in the driver’s seat, fully informed, fully in control.

Future Proof Your Identity Strategy with ID Fusion

With Adform, you benefit from a platform tailor-made to navigate, prioritize, and activate your data across the entire campaign life cycle. With a history of leadership in the Identity space, Adform continues to drive innovation, thought leadership, and provide industry-leading solutions delivering immediate results to our clients.  We’ve led the industry on first-party IDs and were the first vendor in the market to launch a fully functional first-party programmatic campaign. With ID Fusion, we continue to help clients re-engage Safari and Firefox users in a privacy-safe fashion delivering significant improvements in their campaign KPIs. Clients who choose Adform enjoy added peace of mind and security with a future-proof solution that doesn’t force you to compromise your proprietary data via platform lock-in, loss of control, signing away data ownership, or stitching together a complex daisy-chain of identity providers. Want to learn more? Don’t miss our latest Identity updates and industry research.

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