Ad Servers have revolutionized our relationship with the internet

Ad servers are the foundational layer of modern advertising, democratizing the internet with ad powered content and giving advertisers a control center to create, deliver, monitor and optimize their ads across all channels present and future.

The 5 key challenges of advertisers today:

- Unreliable ad delivery
- Fraudulent counting
- Disconnected reporting
- No understanding of true attribution
- Blindness beyond the advertisers website

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Envision, Prototype, Create and Measure Your Campaigns

The ad server is the foundational level for impactful digital personalized advertising. With the Adform Ad Server and our programmatic advertising platform, you take control of and centralize all user interactions across the channels that matter most. From measurement and planning to creative execution, we deliver a premium level of ownership that bridges siloes, enables data activation, and directly informs every step of your campaigns. All with zero data loss, for powerful data-driven targeting.

We deliver measurement you can trust. Your ad server functions as a central source of truth, delivering exhaustive, reliable, and actionable measurement and verification capabilities. Adform's programmatic platform delivers a proven track record, innovative technology stack, and one of the most robust and exhausting feature sets available globally. We go the extra mile for enhanced safety, security, variability and measurement which is why the Adform Ad Server is MRC accredited for Display and Video Served Impressions plus Viewability across Desktop, Mobile Web & In-App. We also include our powerful proprietary anti-fraud solution, Bearskin, for free.

Backed by Adform FLOW, the Adform Ad Server provides superior connectivity across the full life cycle of your campaigns for better insights, superior control, and extensive creative and DCO capabilities.



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