Future Proof Your Data

Adform FLOW’s unique architecture places identity at the center of the platform. For you, this means a data management platform that not only provides full ownership of your data but leverages rich information seamlessly integrated across the platform. With the Adform DMP, you future proof your most valuable asset while reducing risk in a privacy-centric ecosystem backed by robust cross-device capabilities.

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Solving the Identity Crisis

Identity is fragmented, leading to a host of challenges for the modern marketer. From the discontinuation of the 3rd party cookie, to lack of proper data ownership, intransparent data practices, and other emergent challenges. In this video, join Adform's CSO, Dr. Jochen Schlosser and CTO/Co-Founder, Jakob Bak for a look at how Adform FLOW's unique architecture and strategy is solving the identity crisis and delivering on our promise of effortless modern marketing.


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For a deeper look at Adform FLOW, and how we are solving your business challenges download a digital version of our product handout where you'll learn about our modular approach to the Demand Side Platform, Data Management Platform, and Ad Server.



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