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With The Drum, Campaign, Adexchanger, Exchangewire and Adweek recognizing our Identity solution, Adform ID Fusion, as the best in class, you should check the results we have been delivering for clients these past 3 years. Rather than simply talking about how we’re prepared for the deprecation of third-party cookies, we have been busy doing the work to deliver real value. 

Adform ID Fusion works as a ‘universal translator,’ finding the single user behind the variety of emerging first-party IDs on the market, providing advertisers with incremental reach and performance gains on their campaigns. 

And, once more, tested and validated by PwC. Who else does this?

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Better Reach


Better Conversions


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You need to take control over your data, exactly as Utiq has done with our DSP

Launching exclusively with Adform DSP in Germany, France, and Spain, the NEW European, Telco-powered Authentic Consent Service, gives people/consumers easy control over their data, to then drive relevant ad-funded experiences. This privacy-oriented identity offering takes a unique approach that delivers a first-of-its-kind solution to advertisers.


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Different IDs won't be a problem

You can create 100% functional campaigns that navigate seamlessly between all IDs. 


Privacy is mandatory for you now

With Adform ID Fusion, IDs are encrypted and never shared with other advertisers or publishers. 

It´s actually a very promising future to connect with your consumers


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"Adform’s ID Fusion Helps Marketers Achieve Value and Scale with First-Party IDs"

“Adform’s ID Fusion Helps Marketers Transition to a Privacy-Secure Advertising Future with First-Party IDs at Scale”

“Adform brings order to the identity ecosystem with ID Fusion”

“Adform unites the identity ecosystem with ID Fusion”

“Adform’s ID Fusion helps marketers achieve value and scale with first-party IDs”

"Leading independent platform recognized for the strength of its demand side platform"

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