Access to the privacy-first internet
New audiences, billions of data points
Reach across all devices and browsers


One-click activation
Effortless optimization and reporting
Total data ownership


Increased net reach (+120%)
Reduce waste, optimize frequency (-60%)
Increased average conversion rate (3x)

Address your audiences with the world's first programmatic solution that activates first- and third-party IDs across all browsers and devices. 

We are at a tipping point with the programmatic industry on the edge of significant change. We are in the midst of a landslide towards new types of Identifiers. These Identifiers are not supported by legacy systems built for third-party IDs. This poses a dramatic challenge for those caught unprepared. 

ID Fusion and Adform FLOW make navigating these IDs and converting them into actionable resources a straightforward and convenient process. We’re helping you automate the heavy lifting while striking the perfect balance for unlocking more control and impact for every campaign.

How Our Clients Unlock Value With ID Fusion

Learn how Vodafone CZ was able to tap into first-party ID audiences on Safari and Firefox to increase conversions and reduce CPA by 36%.

Find out how Mercedez-Benz Norway was able to boost conversions six-fold when running campaigns on first-party IDs while dramatically improving their overall results.

Discover how Nissan and OMD were able to more accurately control frequency capping by running campaigns on first-party IDs.

ID Fusion: A First-Party Identity Solution That Scales

ID Fusion provides a neutral identity solution that is privacy compliant and gives you peace of mind. ID fusion makes the efficient optimization of campaigns a straightforward and simple process, regardless of the type of IDs you use. We will make sure it works across all types of identifiers - no need to do anything! ID Fusion is at the backbone of our platform, and really is empowering effortless modern marketing on Adform FLOW.


Download Our Handout on ID Fusion

Explore how ID Fusion can help you navigate the future of Identity. Learn more about how Adform is helping our clients succeed and secure their goals in a post-cookie world.


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