Celebrating Two Years of Proven Results With ID Fusion

For the last two years, ID Fusion, Adform's Award-Winning Identity solution, has been driving superior results for clients. Rather than simply talking about how we’re prepared for the deprecation of third-party cookies, we have been busy doing the work to deliver real value.  
ID Fusion works as a ‘universal translator,’ finding the single user behind the variety of emerging first-party IDs on the market, providing advertisers with incremental reach and performance gains on their campaigns. 


Utiq available exclusively through the Adform DSP

Unlock the potential of the NEW European, Telco-powered Authentic Consent Service, giving people easy control over the data that drives relevant ad-funded experiences. This privacy-oriented identity offering takes a unique approach that delivers a first-of-its-kind solution to advertisers and is launching exclusively with Adform DSP in Germany, France, and Spain.

PwC validates promising results in pilot campaign using Adform and Utiq


For comprehensive information about the procedures conducted by PwC download the full report.


The First-Party Platform: Reinventing the Future of Online Advertising

Our white paper introduces the benefits of first-party IDs and how to tap into the first-party ecosystem. Discover why your campaigns will survive, and ultimately thrive, after the death of third-party cookies.

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3 Key Challenges ID Fusion Solves

Achieving a Scaled and Integrated Approach

Transitioning from third-party cookies to first-party IDs should be an easy process. Adform FLOW allows brands to create 100% functional campaigns that navigate seamlessly between all IDs.

Maintaining Privacy for Online Users

Privacy is mandatory for advertisers now. With ID Fusion, IDs are encrypted and never shared with other advertisers or publishers.

Creating Effective and Validated Campaigns

When we build our solutions, we get them checked and approved by third parties. We invited PwC to test and report on the effectiveness of ID Fusion.


Why ID Fusion Matters

The truth is, third-party cookies aren't just dying, but are already dead for a significant part of the internet. In most markets, 30% to 60% of users are currently using devices, browsers, and channels, that no longer support them.

The industry needs to move forward. The good news is that solutions exist and are already widely adopted by publishers.

Between 80% and 97% of the top 1,000 publishers already share first-party IDs, according to our analysis of Bid Requests sent across major markets.

Adform has made addressing changes to the ID landscape a central focus. Our development teams have been working since 2018 on making Adform FLOW a privacy-centric, first-party Advertising Platform by design.  

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Industry Recognized Excellence

"Adform’s ID Fusion Helps Marketers Achieve Value and Scale with First-Party IDs"

“Adform’s ID Fusion Helps Marketers Transition to a Privacy-Secure Advertising Future with First-Party IDs at Scale”

“Adform brings order to the identity ecosystem with ID Fusion”

“Adform unites the identity ecosystem with ID Fusion”

“Adform’s ID Fusion helps marketers achieve value and scale with first-party IDs”


"Leading independent platform recognized for the strength of its demand side platform"


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