Successfully Re-Engage Your Audiences with Adform ID Fusion

The time is now. With the death of the third-party cookie, we can now usher in a new era of modern marketing that is not only privacy compliant but empowers you with superior data, engagement, and reach, to deliver enhanced marketing.

We are introducing our identity solution - Adform ID Fusion - as an integral part of Adform FLOW. Our first-party solution harnesses our full stack capabilities to enable you to work with a variety of different IDs.

Our early adopters have been able to reconnect with Safari users which has led to spectacular results. Publishers have seen a 3X Uplift in Safari Revenue, whereas advertisers experienced an incredible 2X increase in Click Through Rate (CTR).

We’re driving scale with local publisher adoption. Reach out to your local Adform representative for further information about your markets.



Are You One of the 78% of Brands Unprepared for the Death of 3rd-Party Cookies?

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There has been a lot of talk and guesswork in the industry on new identity solutions. In this session, we move the focus onto numbers and tangible results. We ask: what are the most prominent IDs? What is the current adoption rate? What impact do they create?

Jakob Bak, one of Adform’s co-founders and an industry expert on identity, was joined by guests from the buy-side and publisher side, Thomas Lue Lytzen, Head of Adtech at the largest Danish publishing group, JP/Politiken and Peter Loell, Director from OMD. They looked at case-specific numbers based on their move from third-party cookies to first-party IDs.

Recorded Sessions from IDENTITY WEEK

A New and Fertile Opportunity for Publishers
Join us for a discussion on how first-party IDs will create a new template for relationships along the digital supply chain.

Monthly Update: How Quickly Are First-Party IDs Scaling?

Naturally, any solution without adoption and critical mass is worthless. Similarly, many of the ID solutions currently being promoted haven’t actually been tested or are still prototypes that have yet to see the light of day. This is not the case with first-party cookie-based solutions. To help support the broader understanding of their adoption, and deliver on our focus on providing effortless modern marketing advertisers and agencies can rely on - we’ve done an analysis looking at how many existing publishers are currently sending us first-party cookies.



Learn About the Future of Programmatic Without Third-Party Cookies

In this 20-minute Q&A, Adform’s CTO, Jochen Schlosser interviews Sam Tomlinson, Partner at PwC, to discuss how the ad tech industry is evolving as the world gets used to a future without third-party cookies.


Thought Leadership

White Paper: The Dawn of First-Party Identity Marketing
First-party identity marketing isn't just about surviving the death of third-party cookies, but about new opportunities and positive changes that allow your digital advertising to thrive. 
White Paper: Driving a New Era of ID Management
As the sun finally sets on third-party cookies, discover Adform's Pioneering ID management Solution. Find out how Adform's powerful technology ensures that Adform is more than ready for a first-party world.

Live Publisher Stories:


A joint collaboration between Adform, the European publishing group Sanoma, marketing agency Dagmar, and global group IPG MediaBrands, is demonstrating how the advertising eco-system is moving ahead and leveling the playing field with walled gardens.


Ekstra Bladet are the first media in Denmark to implement Adform’s new first-party solution. The first-party data collated via Ekstra Bladet's own ID will be made available for use in transactions run on Adform’s platform.


Adform has collaborated with, Grupa Żywiec, Yieldbird and Starcom on a proof of concept for Adform’s first-party ID solution in the Polish market to deliver an answer to the continuing deprecation of third-party cookies via Adform FLOW.


"First-party IDs re-establish the ability to target, frequency cap, and run efficient measurement across Safari and Mozilla advertising, which will drive fast adoption of the new solution. Moreover, given that these browsers account for up to half of all site visitors, it could be a definite gamechanger for the digital ecosystem as a whole."

Jakob Bak

Co-Founder, Adform


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