Lead your campaigns into a cookieless future for wider reach and powerful performance

As the threat of third-party cookie deprecation looms over the advertising industry, Adform has responded with an agnostic ID solution that makes it possible to address users across all browser types and domains. With 50% of online users already browsing the internet in cookieless environments, Adform ID Fusion can deliver real value to clients by allowing them to address users on browsers such as Safari and Firefox.  

We invited PwC to test and report on the effectiveness of ID Fusion by assessing the results of a recent ad campaign run by OMD and Renault. The results revealed significant improvements across key KPIs, such as Click-Through-Rate (CTR), Cost-per-Click (CPC), and an increase in addressable users. 


"As an advertiser, it is reassuring to know that addressable marketing in cookieless environments will be a tool that we can rely on in the future. We look forward to continuing to reach our customers and optimize our advertising efforts in a manner better aligned with the modern consumers' expectations around privacy."
Lotte Gundersen, Digital Marketing Manager, Renault Norway


“Our experience with ID fusion has shown great promise for when we finally say goodbye to third-party cookies. It's proven to be a valuable tool in our toolbox going forward and is a flexible and agnostic solution that encourages even closer cooperation with premium publishers to tap into their data in a more privacy-safe fashion." 
Carl-Adam Sjölander, Digital Director, OMD Norway


“PwC’s Marketing and Media team firmly believe that trust and transparency are crucial to the healthy future of the digital advertising ecosystem. By subjecting their ID Fusion solution to independent testing, Adform has continued to demonstrate their commitment to this." 
Adam Edelshain, Director, PwC

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