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Global VP & CMO of Intelligent Devices Group & International Markets

As global data privacy requirements become more complex, our objective at Lenovo is to build best-in-class digital practices and governance that will bring us closer to our target audiences, increase transparency over our data, and better mobilize it to enhance the customer decision journey.

In collaboration with Adform, Lenovo's Media Center of Excellence is enabling us to better manage and control our own marketing campaign data pipes to harness its full potential for better targeting personalization, and measurement.


SVP Group Brand Strategy and Marketing Communications, Germany

"At Deutsche Telekom, we encounter several pivotal challenges within the digital advertising industry. As regulations evolve and the era of cookieless advertising approaches, we must ensure compliance and readiness for the shifting landscape. Transparency is not just a mere expectation but a cornerstone requirement, essential for maintaining trust and accountability in our operations. Additionally, in a field where technical advancements occur at breakneck speed, staying abreast of the latest developments is imperative. Adform's innovative and neutral adtech solutions have supported us to navigate regulatory changes and technical developments in the digital advertising landscape, fostering transparency and ensuring sustained competitiveness."


Programmatic Lead, UK

"In this ever-evolving landscape, our focus is fixed on tackling industry challenges head-on. At Vodafone, our top priorities have been attention measurement and crafting a compelling strategy for the cookieless era.

We know that we need to preserve third-party cookie capabilities while capturing users' attention across screens. To navigate the industry’s intricacies, understanding media investment distribution is vitally important. We're committed to ensuring our investment is optimized - minimizing fees to maximize ROI. At Vodafone, confidence and security in our strategies is non-negotiable.

Our longstanding partnership with Adform has been instrumental. From driving growth in our programmatic unit to leveraging solutions for industry concerns, like ID Fusion, we're pushing boundaries together. As we venture into new territories like video and CTV, innovation remains our North Star. Stay tuned for more game-changing collaborations with Adform at Vodafone."


Country Integrated Media Leader, Canada

“After relying on similar strategies for an extended period of time, we recognized the need to break away from stagnant approaches that were limiting our reach and hindering creative success. It became evident, we required a collaborative partner who could help us build a customized game plan focused on prospecting with engaging ads, while providing guidance and support throughout the entire process. Having access to both Adform's managed services and full-stack of offerings, allowed for those deeper conversations that provided us with the opportunities to continuously evolve performance campaigns to drive strong business results and optimize media to changing business needs. The partnership exemplifies the fusion of visionary thinking and actionable execution driving success for IKEA in an ever-changing landscape".


Chief Growth Officer, Italy

"At MEDIAPLUS, innovation isn't just a goal; it's ingrained in our DNA. We're constantly exploring new avenues to better serve our clients, with a strong emphasis on delivering exceptional customer service. That's why we value partners who not only offer cutting-edge features but also provide steadfast support.

Adform is more than just a partner to us; they're a trusted ally in our quest for innovation and service excellence. From CTV to DCO, and ID Fusion, Adform stands by our side, supporting us in every new initiative. Our relationship is built on transparency and trust, ensuring that together, we navigate the dynamic advertising landscape with confidence.”


Manager Marketing Strategy, Norway

“To maintain our position as Norway's leading financial institution, we had to embrace ownership, transparency, and innovation in every part of our operations. From managing the regulatory landscape to getting the most out of your budget, every decision matters. Our partnership with Adform has been pivotal in this journey, providing not only innovative solutions but also localized support and expertise that align perfectly with our ethos. Their seamless onboarding process and commitment to data security have fortified our confidence in adopting first-party ID solutions with Adform to safeguard against the deprecation of third-party cookies.

With the current state of digital advertising, where precision and trust are paramount, Adform has helped us navigate complexities with clarity and confidence.”


Chief Digital Commerce and Marketing Officer, Turkey

"When selecting Adform within a competitive landscape, several key considerations come into play. Firstly, we prioritize a full integrated platform that not only meets current needs but also anticipates future trends such as a cookieless world and unique user optimization. This ensures longevity and adaptability in a rapidly evolving digital environment. Additionally, opting for a platform that offers commercial advantages through collaboration with multiple vendors under one umbrella enhances efficiency and streamlines processes. Trust is paramount, thus selecting a provider with a strong track record in local consultancy and support fosters confidence in the partnership. Market penetration and a robust privacy architecture are vital to safeguarding user data and maintaining compliance with regulations. Finally, the ability to cultivate a first-party ecosystem and effectively manage budget allocation ensures optimal performance and scalability. In essence, by considering these factors, choosing Adform guarantees a strategic alignment with our goals for sustainable growth and innovation in digital advertising."


Head of Digital Marketing - BCR, Romania

"At Erste, our focus was on amplifying our digital marketing within the rather complicated landscape of the banking industry. Our aim? To boost digital sales while upholding personalized communication with both current and potential clients. Recognizing the vital role of data in shaping impactful campaigns, we looked for solutions that could streamline reporting across all media channels, offer control, and enable a data-driven marketing strategy. Adform emerged as our perfect ally, addressing our needs with a robust suite of tools and proactive support. Together, we expanded our reach, reduced acquisition costs, and delivered more relevant messages to our audience, which led to digital sales growth and a richer customer experience.”


PR & Marketing Manager, Sweden

"At Unibet, we thrive on the ethos that 'performance is paramount.' We’re constantly pushing boundaries, and we love being at the forefront of digital advertising - embracing new features and exploring innovative advertising. Whether it’s through traditional media or groundbreaking new concepts, we’re always looking to achieve optimal results.

In our pursuit of excellence, Adform has emerged as our solution. Their service, proactive responsiveness, professionalism, and forward-looking approach meet our needs. Their expertise and unwavering commitment make them an indispensable ally as we navigate the dynamic landscape of marketing and advertising."


Digital Media Manager, Sweden

“At Volkswagen, we always strive to be at the forefront where innovative marketing is key. We love challenges, and exploring new features is something we will always prioritize. Our team is constantly seeking new paths to success within the digital landscape.

Together with Adform, we succeed precisely in driving innovation and we value our cooperation highly. Over the course of our relationship, we’ve increased our reach, reduced costs, and ensured that we have a solid, future-proof strategy within cookieless environments.”


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