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Adform is the first global DSP to provide an integrated Carbon Reduction feature directly in its UI. This enables brands to take concrete actions in an easy, efficient, measurable, and iterative way.

The carbon reduction feature powered by Scope3 is activated alongside your existing brand's KPIs - no need to change your digital strategy and goals.


Benefits of driving your carbon reduction with Adform’s DSP

No change in your setup

Keep your strategies, Brand’s KPIs, and budget allocations.​

Just activate carbon reduction on top of your setup.​

Reach your brand’s KPIs

CO2 reduction is effective everywhere while keeping your business KPIs central for optimization. ​

360° reporting

All tactics are measured*, allowing brands to report their advertising impact and take further actions.



Yes, you can run effective campaigns and lower your carbon footprint

As a globally recognized car brand, Audi wanted to pursue energy-efficient solutions wherever possible and was eager to adopt a greener and more environmentally friendly approach with their advertising campaigns.

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Adform significantly reduces carbon emissions across multiple markets

Read our press release on how Adform’s DSP, enabled by its recent partnership with Scope3, drove a substantial decrease in digital advertising emissions for Audi, Vodafone, and PcComponentes, while also improving campaign performance toward their brand-specific KPIs.

Press Release

Adform helps Audi cut carbon emissions in half across their advertising

Read our press release on how an industry-first DSP driven programmatic campaign using its in-built carbon reduction capabilities. Adform’s technology, enabled by its recent partnership with Scope3, drove a 52% decrease in carbon emissions for the digital advertising supply chain, whilst ensuring a 65% increase in performance for an Audi campaign promoting its range of fully electric vehicles. 

Press Release


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