Adform’s partnership with Scope3* enabled Audi Czech Republic and PHD Czech to run domain optimizations based on carbon emissions in three cycles over the campaign period.

*Adform's Carbon Reduction Feature, powered by Scope3, is a custom integration and does not form part of the 'Climate Shield'


lower gCO2PM

with optimized campaign compared to the control campaign in the A/B test.


reduction in gCO2PM

after three campaign optimizations.


lower gCO2PM

with optimized campaign compared to Scope3 market average.

Why Adform:

In early 2023, Adform announced that it was the first global DSP to integrate with Scope3. With this partnership, Advertisers using the Adform FLOW platform can activate, monitor, and improve their carbon reduction directly through the Adform DSP.

As a globally recognized car brand, Audi wanted to pursue energy-efficient solutions wherever possible and was eager to adopt a greener and more environmentally friendly approach with their advertising campaigns.


Recent studies have revealed that the global internet is responsible for 3.5% of global carbon emissions - more than civil aviation. In France, Great Britain, Germany, Australia, and the U.S., the programmatic industry generates the equivalent of 24 million galleons of gasoline.

To promote the electric car collection - the e-tron series, Audi Czech Republic and PHD Czech adopted an omnichannel strategy using a variety of different formats. For the banner campaigns, the client and agency wanted to reduce the CO2 output while also ensuring Click-Through-Rates (CTR), as a primary performance KPI, remained unaffected.


Adform’s integration with Scope3 gave Audi Czech Republic and PHD Czech valuable reporting data that highlighted which domains were responsible for higher emissions. Adform’s service team then activated a dynamic exclusion list and removed 30% of the highest emitting domains in the market over the campaign period.

To ensure high performance, the exclusion list also included domains where the Click-Through-Rates (CTR) on the ads performed lower than the client’s KPI.


* - Scope3 - CZ – March 2023 – Carbon footprint evaluation: media distribution & ad selection emissions


Martin Stránský

Senior Marketing Specialist - Audi

“As a global premium brand, Audi prioritizes sustainability in advertising. Audi Czech Republic value our participation in this successful test, which highlights how good media planning can contribute positively to the planet. We have requested for Adform and PHD Czech Republic to pursue more sustainable RTB advertising optimization in the future. Audi are committed to the spread of this innovative approach to programmatic for helping the environment.”


Jindřich Jiráček

Digital Performance Specialist - PHD Czech

“Our agency's participation in early testing of this tool showcased the potential of optimizing campaigns based on carbon footprint. We successfully managed sustainable campaigns without impacting KPIs or budgets. In fact, our PHD Czech default campaign setup outperformed the market's carbon footprint benchmark. This approach promotes sustainability and social responsibility while helping businesses achieve their goals and positively impacting the environment.”