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We're a global technology company with innovation ingrained in our DNA. Our story starts in 2002 in Copenhagen, when our visionary trio of founders pioneered one of the earliest Ad Servers. Since then, we've grown into the most powerful media buying platform in the world, with more than 650 employees. We enable major advertisers, publishers, and agencies in over 25 markets to create, buy, and sell digital advertising at scale across the myriad of internet-connected devices.


At Adform, we've consistently stayed ahead of the curve. We push the boundaries of human-machine collaboration through augmented intelligence, we've crafted a future-proof identity solution, and we've emerged as leaders in sustainable media buying practices through our partnership with Scope3. 


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Real people, who have done it before. Not a ticket. We’ve invested in people and offices around the world so we can be near our clients. When you want to make an impact or solve a problem, you’ll love having Adform people by your side.



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Hundreds of leading brands have already experienced the transformative power of Adform FLOW. They've harnessed AI-driven optimization, reduced carbon emissions across campaigns, and broadened their reach with our impactful identity solution.

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Our company’s strength lies in our people. Adformers value taking ownership, working tirelessly for our clients, and finding the most innovative ways to ensure your campaigns thrive.

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