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The Adform Demand Side Platform provides an elegant user experience for the seamless activation of your campaigns, across channels, in real-time, backed by your proprietary data. With the Adform DSP, your teams are well positioned to identify, reach, and buy with precision. Our omnichannel DSP gives you effortless access to the inventory that matters most, across channels such as display, audio, video, CTV, DooH, mobile and in-app. Buy with confidence backed by our extensive collection of advanced buying algorithms and our superior blend of human/machine intelligence.



• Personalized home delivers an actionable advertiser overview

• Transparent marketplaces & inventory curation for optimal SPO

• Rapid campaign health checks

• Built in proprietary anti-fraud protection


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Reach your desired audience with highly intelligent targeting using the formats of your choice using our advanced algorithms across a wide range of media with our DSP.

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