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The primary purpose of a Supply Side Platform (SSP) is to ensure you never under-value your inventory. We’ve created a powerful platform connected to the world’s leading demand and a broad range of selling options that help secure the maximum value for every impression.

Inspired by our Private Marketplace, the Adform SSP is a publisher-first solution that closes the gaps in your selling strategy. We make reaching the best demand for all types of your digital inventory a safe and straight-forward process backed by a unified dashboard experience that makes insights immediately actionable. No matter your needs; from video to in-app or rich media, we’re here to empower you.

Core Features


Understand, track and fully monetize your audience with our extensive DMP integrations or integrate your own.


Fully integrated with all major Header Bidding solutions.


Control exactly who bids on your inventory.


We provide the tools needed to adapt to emerging opportunities while securing maximum value for your inventory.


Full channel support for video, in-app, desktop, native and mobile inventory.


Extensive support for rich media formats, including a suite of free self-service creative tools.

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