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Audience and behavioral data are the currency of the future. Maximizing the value of your inventory requires a strategic overview and the ability to collect, control and understand your data.

The Adform DMP is our enterprise level Data Management Platform built to help coordinate and utilize your fragmented buckets of disconnected data. With the DMP you can confidently capture, categorize, combine and convert data for real-time decision making and monetization. This translates into direct top and bottom line growth that allows you to appropriately price inventory or drive new revenue through our data marketplace.

Core Features


Import and segment data from a multitude of sources creating rich and actionable data sets for your campaigns.


Take the guesswork out of omnichannel campaigns by creating a single, seamless, audience profile.


Access the best and most valuable audience segments from premium branded sources globally.


First ISO/IEC27001 full stack ad tech platform.


Create new audiences by leveraging powerful lookalike and overlap analysis tools.


Deliver and activate your data in real-time.

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