AI-empowered buying at scale

Demand Side Platform

Bid and buy with confidence

Reach your desired audience with highly intelligent targeting using the formats of your choice across a wide range of media. From traditional to emerging channels such as Audio, DOOH, and CTV, leverage the DSP to buy with confidence. Powered by Odin, Adform’s advanced AI, the DSP adheres to the highest industry standards while powering data-driven advertising for performance, branding, and prospecting campaigns.

Core Features

Bid with Intelligence

Leverage Bid Multipliers and Dynamic Budget Allocation to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your campaigns.

Search Retargeting

Extensive search retargeting capabilities seamlessly integrated into the DSP.

Viewability Based Capping

Advanced viewability tracking and controls.

Exclusive Inventory

Excellent display, video and mobile inventory at scale.


Take the guesswork out of cross-device campaigns by creating a single, seamless, audience profile.

Real-Time Algorithmic Optimization

Dynamic algorithms and machine learning that respond in real-time to changes in bid conditions for maximum benefit.

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