October 3, 2022

NOTE: This post is updated monthly as we track first-party adoption. Check back regularly.

We are now entering the mass-adoption stage of first-party IDs as a replacement for the third-party cookie. To see the latest client cases where we’re helping clients unlock the benefits of first-party ID’s click HERE 

When we first started this monthly update series, the big question was – would sufficient first-party volume be adopted, fast enough, to provide a satisfactory alternative?  Now, more than a year into that journey, the demise of the third-party cookie remains incomplete, but is accelerating. Meanwhile, the first-party ID has established itself as the single most robust solution.  

Since leading the market with the first programmatic end-to-end campaign run purely on first-party IDs in mid-2020 we’ve been at the forefront of all things identity based. We’re continuing to innovate within this space and working to expand the capabilities of what’s possible with first-party IDs. 

By September 2021, we observed another exciting milestone for the industry with the scaled adoption of first-party IDs across the top 1,000 publishers in major markets passing the 50% threshold. Today, we’re now seeing north of 80% of impressions made available with first-party identifiers.   

In addition to supporting the adoption of first-party IDs – we’ve also been leading the industry while helping clients restore (or gain for the first time) access to identifiers across Safari and Firefox users. This is providing significant benefits on high value traffic which has, for years, been difficult to target and/or anonymous. In our internal benchmarking we’re already seeing:

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Naturally, gaining critical mass for first-party IDs has been essential. Here, again, first-party ID’s are passing critical milestones and building momentum. First-party ID solutions are the future, have been proven to deliver real value, and are now passing critical thresholds for significant scale and widespread adoption.

What does the data show?

Among the vast majority of traffic coming from the top 1,000 sites in each of the sample markets we monitor we now see powerful support among publishers for first-party IDs.

Third-party cookies have been a useful, but flawed, piece of the equation for a long time. They delivered the ability for your technology vendor and partners to standardize some processes, so scaling them back lacked the direct fine-tuning and specificity required by today’s landscape. First-party IDs bridge that gap and unify the best of both worlds.

Boiled down to the key takeaways, what’s this mean for effortless modern marketing?

  • Adform is live with first-party IDs and we’re seeing great results. The technology works well and functionality will continue to be expanded in the coming months.   
  • The foundation is in place to support a majority adoption of first-party IDs.  
  • First-party ID setups work seamlessly alongside other setups in Adform FLOW, meaning they are not mutually exclusive.  
  • We’ve now passed the 80% threshold in most markets signaling that scaled supply is now available.   

Beyond simply supporting first-party ID’s Adform has also taken a forward-looking strategy to how we handle different types and sources of first-party IDs. In place of forcing adherence or prioritization of a specific first-party ID or coalition, we’ve built out technology to leverage the types of first-party IDs our clients will find most valuable and prefer to use. This means superior flexibility, significantly broader reach/scale, and additional control.  

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For Adform clients eager to discuss unlocking the full potential for Adform FLOW’s full enterprise capabilities, and eager to get started running first party campaigns immediately, please reach out to your account manager. 



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