Discovering the Benefits of Connected TV

Advertising technology has created sophisticated ways of executing marketing strategies; however, putting those ideas into practice has often been a challenge for CMOs.

‘Omnichannel marketing’ is a key area where marketing departments see the potential but struggle to achieve the optimal results. Omnichannel marketing refers to the practice of launching ad cam- paigns that work in harmony across different devices and environments. With the proliferation of new and emerging channels, advertisers can reach audiences in environments such as Connected TV (CTV), Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH), and Gaming Consoles.

Despite the rich opportunities these emerging channels present, most programmatic ad spend still goes to more traditional channels like desktop and mobile. Currently, 90% of global ad dollars are spent on channels such as display and online video.

Among these newer channels, one of the most exciting and underutilized is Connected TV (CTV). According to IAB research, CTV is set to be a key growth area with global ad spend set to increase 14.4% in 2023.

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Topics covered in the rest of the white paper: 

• A Quick Recap of the Terminology

• The Obstacles to Omnichannel

• Connected TV and Embracing Change

• Maximizing Reach and Impact with Omnichannel Strategies