In early 2023, Adform announced that it was the first global DSP to integrate with Scope3. With this partnership, Advertisers using the Adform FLOW platform can review, plan, optimize, and monitor the carbon footprint created by their campaigns, directly through the Adform DSP. With Adform’s integration with Scope3, Audi and PHD were given valuable reporting data that highlighted which domains were responsible for higher emissions. As a result, the campaigns released significantly lower gCO2/Impression than Scope3’s market average.

This case study shows that marketers can reduce their carbon emissions (in this case -52%) at the same time as improving performance (+65%). And who wouldn’t want to do that?!


“We are pleased to have had the opportunity, with partners Adform and Scope3, to be pioneers in testing RTB optimization to minimize the carbon footprint of our campaigns. This is a topic we find crucial. Both for our client Audi, as they address sustainable electromobility and for us. We're really excited about the collaboration and the results of the campaign, but OMG also recognises that measuring our carbon footprint in digital campaigns is only a piece of the mosaic, albeit a very important one, of the whole media mix that we want to address comprehensively."

Jindřich Jiráček, Digital Performance specialist at PHD