April 21, 2023

Connected TV (CTV) advertising has become increasingly popular as more people cut the cord with traditional TV providers and advertisers are including CTV as a major piece of their marketing mix. However, transparency is crucial for building trust between advertisers, publishers, and adtech vendors.

Providing better transparency into the delivery and performance of CTV ads, is vital so that advertisers can make informed decisions on how to optimize their campaigns to meet the desired KPIs. Additionally, transparency can help identify and prevent fraudulent activity, making sure that advertisers are getting what they paid for and that publishers are delivering genuine views and engagement.

Adform understands the importance of this challenge from our clients, and we work hard to ensure that we adopt the highest standards of measurement and provide transparency.

With that focus, we are proud to announce that we have received MRC Accreditation for CTV rendered impressions. This is in addition to receiving continued accreditation for our existing Rendered impression and (custom) Viewability metrics (for Desktop, Mobile web and In-app, across display and video).

Adform is independently audited by a certified public accounting firm on behalf of MRC, on an annual basis. The MRC accreditation process entails a rigorous evaluation of Adform FLOW platform (DSP and Ad Server) to ensure the measurement, methodology, technology, and data quality meets MRC standards.  

We consider MRC compliance the highest bar in the industry given the depth of the process and advancements of measurement standards in new environments. This achievement signals our commitment to quality and transparency in the industry, especially in the nascent area of CTV where standardization still needs to be established. Advertisers can be confident about the accuracy and reliability of Adform measurement in this attractive environment.


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