DELVE, iSOCRATES, MINT Square, MiQ and Value Branded Content are the first five commercial partners to leverage Adform’s award winning adtech platform to scale, innovate and differentiate

London, UK - Adform, the leading global independent advertising platform, is launching its new Global Partner Program, to provide significant strategic growth opportunities for commercial partners enabling them to leverage Adform’s network and solutions with their own customers and prospects. 

Adform’s Global Partner Program will empower agencies, resellers, service partners and consultancies worldwide to use its sector expertise and technological solutions to ensure best performance and service to their advertising clients. There are three levels of partner accreditation - Certified, Professional and Strategic – with each accreditation stage opening up more ways for partners to grow their businesses and develop their teams. 

Partners will be able to accelerate revenue growth and attract new customers by delivering Adform’s full spectrum of adtech capabilities for advertisers, agencies and publishers: Demand Side Platform, Supply Side Platform, ad server and Data Management Platform, and its award-winning, privacy-centric identity solution ID Fusion.

“By being part of the Global Partner Program we can leverage Adform’s proven ability to deliver innovative solutions for the real world challenges our clients face,” said Anton Lipkanou, President, DELVE. “ID Fusion, Adform’s first-party ID solution, is a case in point and means our clients can prepare for the eventual deprecation of third-party cookies with confidence.”

“Unlike other programs, working with Adform on trading accounts in nearly every time zone has been a real partnership,” said William A. (‘Bill’) Lederer, Chairman and CEO, iSOCRATES. “We are already helping shape the program and while it is an Adform initiative, the underlying principle is that for the program to succeed all parties have to benefit.”

Christoph Berg, CEO and Founder, MINT Square, said “The advertising sector is notoriously competitive and being a Strategic Partner provides a real commercial point of differentiation for us. Being a partner will give our agency and advertiser clients more access to state-of-the-art ad technology and we are excited about how we can grow further together.”  

Freddie Turner, Managing Director, at MiQ UK said, “We are delighted to be one of the founding partners of Adform’s Global Partner Program. Adform’s principles are in total alignment with our own platform agnostic approach – meaning we can recommend the most appropriate solutions to our clients without being tied to a particular platform to better focus on the best outcome for our customers.”

Jihad Nehme, Chief Digital Officer, Value Branded Content said, “Adform owns a unique offering that combines all digital advertising solutions for both clients and agencies; giving them the opportunity to leverage technologies to drive business impact. Being appointed as a Strategic Partner of Adform in MENA reaffirms VBC’s position as one of the pioneer media houses active in the market. VBC will provide advertisers with the highest level of customization of the Adform ecosystem by building the tech connections required to futureproof the advertiser’s business and secure a solid competitive edge.

Vicky Foster, Global Reseller Partnerships Director at Adform, said “We are excited to kick off our Global Partner Program with trusted partners DELVE, iSocrates, MINT Square, MiQ and Value Branded Content. We have established Adform’s Partner Program on the basis that it has to be mutually beneficial and we are committed to providing all our partners with the levels of access and support they need, so we can thrive and grow together.”