Gartner adtech leader creates world´s first independent and fully integrated tech platform, seeking to amplify business results for advertisers and agencies.

Adform, the only independent global ad management platform covering all aspects of the digital campaign lifecycle, today introduced its new product suite: Adform FLOW. Intuitively designed to make it easier for marketers to plan, buy and activate media, Adform FLOW has everything they need in one easy-to-use platform: DSP, DMP, SSP, DCO and ad server. Through exceptional user experience and enhanced human/machine collaboration, Adform FLOW provides augmented intelligence to amplify business results.

Features of Adform FLOW include:

  • Seamless and integrated User Experience, across all aspects of the campaign workflow and all digital media channels
  • SaaS technology,which provides increased control and flexibility; including a modular & open API approach, coupled with the ability to control costs through license-based fees
  • First-party identity-ready, setup for privacy compliance and a post-cookie world
  • Media-neutrality, with no media or data ownership, and therefore no conflicts

Adform research, conducted in partnership with Dynata and surveying more than 1,000 marketers, shows almost three-quarters of modern marketers (74%) want a single dashboard to manage campaigns efficiently, with top benefits cited as data optimisation, cost efficiencies and control.

Now, more than three years in the making and building on Adform’s two decades of innovation, Adform FLOW is enterprise technology built for modern marketing: independent and integrated, giving marketers enhanced control over their own data, that they have not been able to realise through previous solutions. It is configurable, transparent and secure, enabling seamless management of campaigns.

Digital marketers have long struggled with the inefficiencies presented by the myriad of martech and adtech solutions they deploy, and today’s economic realities make the push for efficiency that much more urgent. Some companies have operated within walled gardens; others have sought out best-of-breed technologies and patched together point solutions that fail to work well together. Adform FLOW provides the feature richness of a complex point solution setup, with the scale, ease of use and efficiency of walled gardens.

Samir Shah, Managing Partner - Data, Technology & Programmatic at Zenith said: "I have been impressed at how Adform has continued to develop its platform, the efficiency gains reported are significant. Via their solutions I can see strategic benefits, particularly during a time of complexity in the market being aligned to the future of first-party IDs, and being able to differentiate is key.

“Modern marketers need a complete solution that is customizable to their particular needs. We are certain that we can add significant value to our clients by enabling them to do more than they've been able to do before,” said Troels Jensen, CEO of Adform. “As the only independent fully integrated marketing platform, Adform offers transparency, privacy, and ownership of data. By addressing these challenges, Adform's clients benefit from Adform FLOW's unique architecture and are able to secure significantly stronger results.”


About Adform

Adform is the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. Its unique enterprise technology – Adform FLOW – harnesses superior user experience and a scalable, modular and open architecture, to enable seamless management of the whole campaign life cycle. It provides clients with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising operations, including ownership of all data from their campaigns. Since 2002, Adform has developed technology to enhance human/machine collaboration and deliver augmented intelligence, thereby amplifying business results for its clients around the world.

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