With Adform and JCDecaux, Diplom-Is could apply digital optimization techniques to traditional advertising channels.


Improvement in Effective Budget Usage

with optimized campaign compared to the control campaign in the A/B test.


Customer Perception of Diplom-Is as a ‘playful’ brand


Customer Perception of Diplom-Is as a ‘boring’ brand

Why Adform:

The core advantage of omnichannel advertising is the ability to bring the precision and personalization of digital banners to more traditional above-the-line channels. Nowhere is this more obvious than with Digital-Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising. Brands can now control and optimize their outdoor ads to account for multiple factors — such as seasonality.

For Diplom-Is, being able to adjust their outdoor ads in an automated way was vitally important. As one of Norway’s most popular ice cream brands, displaying its products in cold and wet weather could sour audiences’ perceptions.


Through its outdoor campaign, Diplom-Is wanted to retain its position as the King of Norwegian Ice Cream. It was also impor- tant to make sure that not a single Kroner was wasted. The brand recognized that ice cones sold better when the sun was out (+25%), whereas ice cream boxes sold marginally better when it was raining. As a result, Diplom-Is needed their ads to reflect the local climate across Norway’s 33 largest cities. Additionally, as a brand with a reputation for playfulness and fun, it was important that the ad campaign reflected these values.


With advertising screens from JCDecaux, and technology from Adform, Diplom-Is could match their brand message to the weather conditions in various locations. Adform’s programmatic capabilities gave the agency, Publicis, the ability to deliver automated ads for different cities based on how sunny the weather was. The campaign would also automatically switch off in conditions that were neither sunny nor rainy. This allowed Diplom-Is to be more relevant to their customer audience, which, in turn, positively affected brand perception.


Mie Maagerø Dalen

Marketing and Shopper Analyst, Diplom-Is

“For us as an advertiser, it has been extremely exciting to explore the possibilities around how to make the media purchases even more rele- vant. We are very pleased with the results of this year’s campaign - and will continue to roll it out to the rest of the world.”


Marius Valle

Director Programmatic Trading, JC Decaux

“Diplom-Is’s campaign was an incredibly exciting case that we at JCDecaux thought was a lot of fun. This was the very first time anyone activated programmatic buying based on location triggers in Norway and we were glad to help deliver this campaign.”