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Reasons to choose Adform

100% Media Agnostic
We don’t own media or compete with you
Maximum Data Efficiency
Perfect matching on Adform, industry-leading match rates beyond
Leaders in Privacy and Compliance
ISO 27001 certified and GDPR ready
Smarter Bidding Through Machine Learning
Powerful custom algorithms
Self Service Creative Excellence
Free HTML5 Studio and creative tools
Powerful Omni-Channel Options
Cross display, mobile, print and DOOH
Advanced Analytics & Tracking
Holistic data-driven marketing
Real-Time Data
Industry leading real-time audience re-classification
MRC Accredited
Display and Video accredited for Impressions and Viewability
“Adform has grown at an amazing pace in the last 5 years. Starting as an ad-server, it now represents a best-in-class AdTech solution: a tech giant with an entrepreneurial flavour when it comes to customization. Partnering with Adform gave our agency a competitive advantage in the Italian advertising market”

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