April 12, 2021

As of April 12, 2021, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our partnership with DoubleVerify (DV) through the introduction of 3 new products: Custom Contextual Targeting, Authentic Brand Safety and Video Filtering.

“Through the expansion of our partnership with Adform, brands using their platform can now activate DV’s comprehensive suite of pre-bid programmatic solutions for fraud and viewability, as well as Authentic Brand Safety and Custom Contextual targeting across their campaigns. This assures that the brand bids on the content most aligned to their campaign’s objectives and requirements.” said Steven Woolway, EVP, Business Development at DoubleVerify.

Authentic Brand Safety (Targeting)

With Authentic Brand Safety advertisers are able to maximize buying effectiveness and reduce waste by applying their post-bid brand safety controls in a pre-bid environment. This is one of the most advanced Brand Safety and fraud solutions in market today, offering heightened levels of protection for advertisers and driving substantial gains in both operating efficiency and campaign performance. 

Custom Contextual (Targeting)

Given increased privacy regulations, and the shift away from based audience targeting, providing accurate and flexible options for reaching and expanding target audiences is critical for running successful campaigns in the future. DV’s new offering delivers high-impact, customizable Contextual Targeting segments that enable modern marketers to reach the content relevant to the right audience, at the right time — driving outcomes for your campaigns. Powered by DV’s Semantic Classification, Custom Contextual Targeting uses an ontological approach to classify content into 200,000+ concepts that serve as the building blocks of highly accurate and actionable contextual categories. 

DV Video Filtering (Protection)

Less than 40% of video impressions across desktop and mobile are eligible for blocking, according to DV data. This is because video blocking requires a technology standard called VPAID, which is not widely available. As a result, advertisers are not always able to leverage blocking on video to protect their brand. This is an even bigger problem in CTV, where VPAID has zero coverage. DV Video Filtering is an additional layer of protection that works in conjunction with existing controls such as blocking and pre-bid avoidance. The solution enables advertisers to further reduce waste and minimize video infractions across devices including CTV, mobile and desktop. Based on DV’s recent analysis, this is projected to reduce non-compliant impressions by about 62%, on average. 

Reach out to your local Adform Representative for more information and to learn how to activate these products today. 



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