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As one of the industry leaders, Adform is constantly seeking the ways to improve user’s experience by adding new features. Fetcher is one of those solutions. It’s a non-complicated tool which helps to categorize the web content on its topic and increase the revenue of online advertisement as the result.

As webmaster, you might mention Fetcher’s presence and draw up some questions about its functionality. If so, we tried to answer on them.

What is Fetcher?

Adform Fetcher is a simple tool with a simple purpose. It downloads static content from URL like HTML website or TXT file.

Despite narrow focus, Fetcher is a key to achieve an important goal without no harm:

  • It helps publishers and advertisers find each other;
  • It doesn’t collect any kind of personal information;
  • It doesn’t use cookies;
  • It doesn’t hurt the website’s performance and stability;
  • It doesn’t execute any scripts;
  • It keeps collected info for internal use

What are the purposes of Fetcher?

We’re using Fetcher to  provide a real-time smart segmentation of web resources. In other words: we’re classifying content on its main purpose, will it be sports websites, global newsfeed, hotel booking system or something else. As the result, we’re increasing the chances for advertisers to reach their main audience. Publishers, in turn, have an opportunity to display as much relevant information as possible.

What’s your profit?

The hockey player has nothing to do in a sewing factory. Strawberry has nothing to do on an apple tree. The shower has nothing to do in the middle of the bedroom. Following the analogy, an irrelevant advertisement has nothing to do on your website.

Our main purpose is to correlate an advertisement’s topic with website content. The perfect match means that you’re able to show the clients exactly what they’re looking for. By doing that, you’ll increase the number of clicks on ad banners. That, in turn, will boost a number of visitors to advertisers’ resources. As you perfectly understand, the revenue of online advertising will grow for you as well.   

Does Fetcher affect the website’s performance?

Fetcher is a tool which combines obvious benefits with very low requirements. Its presence is basically invisible for the website’s performance, stability, and functionality. Unlike Crawler, we don’t extract links from website content to find more subpages to follow. We don’t spam the resources with multiple parallel requests. We don’t execute any kind of scripts. Finally, we’re using smart throttling requests to avoid any kind of server’s performance problems.

Does Fetcher collect user’s personal information?

No doubt that data privacy is one of the most important things in the media age. With that in mind, we neither use cookies nor gather any kind of personal information even if it’s publicly present on the website content.

Who’ll have the access to collected data?

More than that, all the info which Fetcher grabs is intended to Adform’s internal use only. We pass it to neither our clients nor external users.

How can you detect Fetcher’s presence?

Fetcher is not an impolite neighbor who comes at any time without knocking at the door. It can be easily detected by HTTP header which consists “Adform Fetcher” mentioning along with product’s version:

As we said, we don’t affect website’s performance via multiple requests and don’t execute any scripts. GET is one and only HTTP request method which we’re using.

Can you black-list your domain from Fetcher?

Mutual trust and respect for other people’s opinions are the keys to building solid relationships. We described all advantages of Fetcher but we can’t insist you to accept it. In order to black-list your domain from Fetcher you can contact us via that e-mail: [email protected].

For our part, we’ll process the request and exclude your website from Fetcher’s usage. But please remember that by black-listing your domain you’ll:

  • decrease the chances of showing relevant advertisement;
  • might miss the opportunity to grow the revenue of online advertisement.

As we said, Fetcher is not a Big Brother who’s watching you. The main goal of the tool is to help with findings a perfect couple between publishers and advertisements.

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