Adform and Adcombi together to offer hyper local programmatic solutions

The set of technologies of the two players solves the problems related to local advertising: the integration of Adform's full stack advertising platform and Adcombi's DCO technology allow to plan automated programmatic hyperlocal targeting campaigns

Milano - From the collaboration between Adform, technology company offering proprietary full stack advertising platform IAP - Integrated Advertising Platform and Adcombi, Dutch adtech specialized in solutions for local multi-advertising advertising, is now available also in Italy an offer that simplifies the programmatic buying of local advertising.

In particular, the combination of Adform's DSP with Adcombi's local advertising technology provides advertisers and their agencies with integrated tools to plan hyperlocal online advertising campaigns, including videos, which introduce a significant level of simplification, reducing the times necessary to build projects which are fragmented by their nature and which require important work (especially in terms of hours) for a complex media planning activity.

The difficulty required by planning local offline advertising campaigns is obvious to everyone: from the management of leaflets to door-to-door distribution. The typical programmatic approach is able to make transparent and simplify the activities related to complex projects, providing measurable results in terms of contacts and reduction of budget dispersions  and apply the realtime dynamics (weather, time etc) to the advertising strategy.

The multi-advertising approach allows to manage, activate, monitor and create reports and insights automatically for regional, provincial or related to a specific geographical area campaigns, reducing the complexities inherent in planning of this type. Bidding strategies are also simplified and organization and control are no longer fragmented. The result is perfectly in line with the classic programmatic campaigns with a national scope but, in this case, the audicence and targets that reside in the areas of interest are reached. To all this are added the geolocation features based on GPS and IP data.

Adcombi integrates with the open Adform API becoming a natural extension of the full stack.

"It is not new that the reach of local adv campaigns deteriorates rapidly," explained Gerrit Reinders, founder of Adcombi. "The result is an urgent need for solutions able to generate hyperlocal reach through national premium channels. Independence and its relevant position on European markets make Adform the ideal partner, because it fits perfectly into our growth path and international development strategies of our independent tools for hyperlocal marketing at scale". 

"One of our priorities has always been to increase efficiency for our customers and eliminate operational complexity", said Davide Corcione, Adform Italia Country Manager. "The Adcombi team has developed a platform that focuses on simplifying the purchasing of programmatic advertising space with local targeting and provides companies with the tools and flexibility necessary to manage their geo-personalized campaigns in the most effective way. We are therefore excited to be able to expand this partnership also for the Italian market ".