ROME –  The partnership between Digital Angels Rome-based digital agency featuring high standard technical skills and Adform, ad-tech company that collaborates with media agencies, trading desks, brands and publishers worldwide, known for its full-stack IAP, integrated advertising platform.

Digital Angels is one of the first agencies to be certified by the new Adform Academy, the individual program that allows company employees to acquire strong skills and abilities on all the features of Adform's full stack platform. Digital Angels has already received three certifications on both training available - DSP Fundamentals Path and Ad Serving Fundamentals Path - Adform Academy certifications are ones of the most technical and difficult to obtain in the industry, due to the high complexity and variety of skills required.

The partnership between Digital Angels and Adform is part of a path of collaboration and growth that includes training and assistance courses, dedicated offers, networking events and access to reserved product betas. This path includes joint activities such as the recent Webinar to engage Digital Angels' customers and prospects on the value of programmatic at the time of Covid.

Digital Angels has planned several campaigns in Programmatic and Real Time Bidding and has organized a specific training cycle on Programmatic - The Flying Sessions - aimed at explaining the functionality of this tool, the potential of the Adform platform and providing practical advice on how to use it.

"Digital Angels represents for Adform an important expert and professional partner: we are, therefore, thrilled to have them among the first participants of our new Adform Academy. Training is a competitive advantage that Digital Angels has always privileged: knowing in depth the functionality of our platform will allow to amplify the results achieved so far together", said Davide Corcione, Adform Country Manager.

"We have invested a lot in training, skills and resources and we are really happy with this collaboration and the results obtained by participating in the Adform Academy: we believe that it gives the right value to our growth and helps us to distinguish ourselves in the sector, as we are able to provide this service at a higher level of complexity and attention to detail. There are very few agencies that today are able to plan in Programmatic internally, even less those that are able to do so at an advanced level. The competence and attention with which we plan and implement our strategies in Programmatic are a real added value for our clients" - comments Piermario Tedeschi, Founder & Managing Director of Digital Angels.