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At Adform, we have a long-standing track record of being the first to see trends, innovate, and have solutions far in advance of the market. We consider the word ‘obvious’ to be a limiting state of mind. At Adform, challenging the obvious is core to our philosophy.  

It has been an exciting time of growth for our company, and as we continue to move from strength to strength, we’re looking for talented engineers to join us on our journey.  

Ad tech is the lifeblood of digital advertising. It ensures that advertising space can be bought and sold at scale in an automated fashion. At Adform, we build cutting edge, AI-driven tools that help advertisers deliver powerful campaigns and help publishers monetize their websites.  

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Do you know what we can do in the blink of an eye? 

In Adform, we process millions of transactions per second. In 0.3 seconds, we can bid and serve up to 5 ads for users on the internet.


Do you know how productive our engineers are? 

In 4,055 repositories we store more than 84,000,000 lines of code! 

Powerful technologies that drive the internet

We take pride in being the only independent advertising technology company offering a fully integrated and end-to-end solution. Built on the latest technologies we provide the opportunity to leverage your existing skills in a dynamic workplace while expanding them as you evolve your career.

  • Main Programing Languages & Frameworks
    C# ┃ Java ┃ Scala ┃ JavaScript┃ React ┃ Node.js
  • APIs & Load Balancing
    REST ┃ GraphQL ┃ NGINX ┃ HAProxy ┃ Katran
  • Event Streaming
    Kafka ┃ RabbitMQ
  • Databases
    PostgreSQL ┃ MongoDB ┃ Aerospike ┃ MS SQL Server ┃ Redis ┃ ElasticSearch
  • Big Data & Data Science
    Storm ┃ Spark ┃ Hadoop ┃ Vertica
  • Observability
    ELK Stack ┃ Prometheus ┃ Grafana
  • DevOps
    Github/Github Actions ┃ Artifactory ┃ Puppet ┃ Chat Ops
  • On-premise Cloud
    Kubernetes ┃ OpenStack ┃ CEPH ┃ Terraform ┃ Consul ┃ Vault

Adform's International Engineering Hubs

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