June 17, 2019 / 1500 CEST, 1400 BST, 0900 EST
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About Webinar

In this Webinar we will introduce you to Dynamic CPM, the role it fills in our suite of bidding algorithms, the exciting future potential of Dynamic CPM, several use cases and a look at key ways to maximize the value you get from each bid.

Dynamic CPM delivers an expanded set of optimization options that work efficiently while taking into consideration the sophisticated needs of hybrid auctioning environments such as first, second and hybrid auction dynamics. Dynamic CPM further serves as a foundation for an exciting new assortment of multi-objective optimization goals. This new family of AI driven algorithms powered by Odin, our advanced AI, will be made available through Dynamic CPM with added granular optimization options.


James Oyedele(Global Programmatic Solutions Lead )

 James is Adform's Global Programmatic Solutions Lead. After four years at Adform working in platform solutions (including a year in Singapore managing APAC clients), James is now Adform’s key evangelist for all things programmatic. In his spare time, he can be found on a Rugby pitch or in a Boxing ring.