May 28, 2019 / 1400 BST, 1500 CEST, 0900 EST
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About Webinar

Ad fraud remains a perennial concern for the ad industry; and for Advertisers, combating fraud is intrinsically linked to the profitability of their campaigns. It is therefore vital that Advertisers work with technology vendors that have implemented an infrastructure that protects media campaigns from fraud at every stage of the supply chain.  

Join us for a webinar on fighting ad fraud presented by Andreas Sierts, Adform’s Senior Director for AI & Analytics.


Andreas Sierts(Senior Director, AI & Analytics)
Andreas Sierts joined Adform in March 2017, as 'Senior Director AI & Analytics'.  His role involves managing teams that develop Adforms AI as well as being responsible for data analysis within big client projects. Before Andreas came to Adform, he worked for 12 years on the agency side as Director BI promoting data-driven marketing and analytics for clients.