November 12, 2019 / 1400 GMT, 1500 CET, 0900 ET
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About Webinar

Adform's Co-Founder and CTO, Jakob Bak, and Senior Counsel, Elena Turtureanu, examine some of the technological and regulatory changes impacting digital advertising and reveal why we are not facing a cookie apocalypse. 

Find out how the changes resulting from privacy legislation and browser tracking restrictions will ultimately create a brighter future for digital advertising. 

You'll gain a clear overview of what the changes are, how they affect the industry, as well as our predictions on future solutions for measuring and targeting users. 

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Jakob Bak(CTO and Co-Founder, Adform )

Jakob Bak is a co-founder of Adform and one of the leading technology architects of the platform. Prior to co-founding Adform, Jakob worked as a Management Consultant at The Boston Consulting Group. He holds an MSC in Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark..

Elena Turtureanu(Director, Senior Compliance Counsel Data Protection and Privacy )

Operating out of Hamburg, Germany, Elena oversees Adform’s company-wide privacy and compliance legal program. Prior to joining Adform, Elena worked at SAP SE as Director of Legal and Data Protection. Elena devotes time engaging in mentoring international women who are facing a variety of challenges in the path of shaping or finding their strengths.