October 04, 2018 / 1400 BST, 1500 CEST, 0900 EDT
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About Webinar

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the requirements the Ad Server was invented to solve, how those needs have changed over the past two decades, and key ways the Ad Server provides for data-hungry digital marketers.

Join us as Gregory Cristal, Adform’s Ad Server Lead, and author of Ad Serving Technology: Understanding the Marketing Revelation That Commercialized the Internet, takes us through the evolution of ad serving. We’ll be looking at what an ad server is and why there is such a demand for it for Advertisers, including, how it helps you more fully understand attribution, bridges disconnects in reporting, counters and identifies fraud and viewability concerns, as well as delivers a big picture media overview.

During this webinar, we’ll also examine the emergence of contemporary features such as Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) and Dynamic Ads, Verification Tools, and Optimized Rotators. We’ll also briefly take you through how your ad server works alongside other tools such as the Demand Side Platform and Data Management Platform to create beautiful, data-driven ad experiences for relevant consumers across the internet. 

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Gregory Cristal(Global Adserving Solutions Lead, Adform )

Gregory Cristal's background is buy-side ad serving. Previously he worked with global advertisers at Sizmek ad server and at Microsoft on the Atlas ad server, along with roles agency-side and publisher-side.

Gregory works with the largest Global Advertisers and Agency holding groups to monetize the media they buy, their data assets and to pinpoint and scale impactful personalised creative targeting. Gregory is the author of “Adserving Technology” - widely considered to be the technical handbook for the global digital media industry’s most established measurement technology.