October 31, 2018

At Adform, we aim to create an inclusive, discrimination-free, environment where age is a number and not a reflection of what someone has to offer to a company.

With Age Comes Experience 

It’s a fact that many people experience age discrimination in the job market, where younger candidates are often considered more amenable by employers. This is not the case in Adform. Meet Peter Milne, Technology Architect in Adform, who recently turned 60 and feels comfortable working closely with millennials in an ad tech company, where innovative solutions and new technologies pave the way for success.

Peter Milne has vast experience from IT companies across the world. While born in Australia, Peter has spent many years working abroad in the US, in the UK, and in several European countries. Peter has now settled in Copenhagen, Denmark, since joining Adform in the summer of 2016.

Before joining Adform, Peter was scouting for a job outside the US. As he states, “I recalled the time I visited Vilnius to teach an Aerospike developer training course, in which the majority of the participants came from Adform. I discovered that there was something special in this part of the world. The students on the course all had hungry, hardworking minds, and wanted to learn something new.”

With this in mind, Peter reached out to Adform, looking for potential job opportunities. Ultimately, Adform stole his heart and mind. As he puts it: “In Adform, I can make a difference in the last five years of my working life.”

Peter Milne enjoying lunch with colleagues

Adform's 'Uncle Pete' 

Adform takes pride in focusing on diversity. As Peter explains, Adform has no prejudice. Im 60 years old and still valuable. In other parts of the world, turning 60, they would be thinking Im too old to know, too old to learn, and too old to contribute. Adform is valuable in that sense. I would like Adform to be the last job, as I expect to retire in 5-7 years time. I would like it to be my last job where I have made a big difference, the company has grown, we have a big party in NY, and I retire."

Peter has 18 nieces and nephews. He was the young, cool uncle because they were little kids when he was in his teens, and as they grew older, he became Uncle Pete. For Peter, working for Adform is the same kind of feeling, all these incredible people; lovely, talented, smart young people remind me of my nieces and nephews. Im the wise old guy who hasnt retired and hasnt become a manager. I still code, and I still get the thrill of seeing the software that was in my mind running in a computer in front of me. Age is irrelevant.

"As a Technology Architect, you regularly get approached by competitors and recruiters. But the thing that stands out is the opportunity to personally impact Adform as a whole as well as to mentor people across the organization while working on projects and in teams that are truly exciting." This is, Peter notes, one of the things he's found to be the most important over the course of his career.

Peter Milne with Copenhagen harbor and the Royal Danish Library "The Black Diamond" in the background

A Tech World of Opportunities 

Adform provides an integrated Software as a Service platform for the buying, managing and serving of digital advertising. The software consists of a Data Management Platform, a Demand Side Platform and an Ad Serving Platform with advanced analytics, reporting, and creative tools that drive high impact digital advertising campaigns globally.

According to Peter, the advertising technology industry is a particularly exciting field to work in due to the opportunity to work with data at large scale. Adform is no exception, and for Peter, the most exciting part of his work is to help find “the signal in the noise” in the anonymous behaviour of individuals – among the many internet events that are recorded each and every day.

As he explains, “We have in Adform petabytes of raw data which is an enormous amount, if you imagine 1 second equal to 1 byte, a petabyte is 34 million years. Software engineers think all of their solutions through in their mind and then encode it, and that’s really hard to do, as there are thousands of variables and execution paths to consider. Unlike something as simple as banking and insurance models that have been around for hundreds of years, ad tech gives you this unique technical environment, where you have to work with the “very large”, but find the “very small”; working with a universe size problem and trying to find the quanta mechanics size solution for one person. That’s cool stuff.”

Peter Milne is a renowned public speaker and will be speaking at the BuildStuff conference in Vilnius and the ConFrontJS conference in Warsaw.

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