November 17, 2018

Creativity: The Cornerstone of Data-Driven Advertising

Adform has been recognized as a Strong Performer in “The Forrester Wave™: Creative Advertising Technologies, Q4 2018, The 10 Providers That Matter Most And How They Stack Up" which stated that “Adform incorporates creative ad technology in a solid full-stack buy-side platform. Advertisers looking for a one-stop shop would be wise to look at Adform.” You can read the full press release here.

In light of this news, we’re launching our brand-new white paper, The Five R’s of Creative Advertising which is available as a free download and is authored by Adform’s David Hillier and Anish Shah. 

As ad-tech continues to take giant leaps in machine learning, new possibilities in personalization have become a reality. Adform's Dynamic Creative Optimization product suite, including Dynamic Ads 2.0, enables advertisers to deliver more tailored advertising through building custom creative shells and then activating them with rule-based logic allowing advanced AI driven auto-optimization as well as creating hundreds of variations automatically.

Our Chief Strategy Officer recently noted, “With a heritage in Ad Serving, Creative has always been a central pillar of our approach. We’re continuing to build new capabilities, and recently launched a completely re-envisioned Dynamic Ads solution that has seen rapid adoption” Jochen Schlosser, further elaborated that, “Data and trading without the right messaging at scale is simply no longer good enough. The ability for creative storytelling has never been better or more important, and we’re excitedly following how clients deploy the technology in new and innovative ways.” 

With that in mind, we hope you’ll download a complimentary copy of the White Paper, and with storytelling season just around the corner, we’ve also included a number of easily implemented creative resources to help further inspire.

Do You Know the Five Rs of Creative Advertising? 

We know that creativity is often hard to describe and an elusive concept to pin down. From writer’s block to creative brilliance, the mechanics of creativity are not only constantly changing, but something that regularly needs to be refreshed and revisited. As a technology vendor, sitting between the world’s most creative minds and a complex global audience, we’ve taken a look at key areas that help stories thrive and invoke impactful messages. The following white paper highlights the important ways advertising technology should support storytelling in Advertising. We’ve broken out five core areas – or five Rs – which we consider to be the five fundamental and overlapping precepts of creative advertising.

Five core areas: Real Time, Reporting, Reach, Relevance, and Reaction

Download a complimentary copy of the white paper today for a stimulating look at the art and science of storytelling when applied to data-driven advertising. Using the five Rs as a structure, we take a look at the variety of ways our platform features can support storytelling; including, Dynamic ads, Cross Device, and the different ways ads can adapt in real time to data signals.

Inspiration for Storytelling Season

As holiday decorations start to go up, creative teams prepare for the year's final set of ads; and as families gather together, stories are at the heart of much of what we do. With this in mind, our creative team present a small selection of easily implemented, but incredibly impactful, components and formats to help you hit key touch points coming up such as Black Friday and Christmas.

Festive formats examples
  • Particles:  Our particle effects are an elegant way of capturing the change in weather as we enter the winter months. And it’s not just snowflakes, the effect can be used to varied effect, including sparkles and even chocolate chip cookies! The format also allows for a degree of interactivity with the user’s mouse as can be seen here.
  • Mobile Tactile Formats There are a variety of ways in which advertisers can make use of the typical interactions users have with their devices. For instance, using a gyroscope, users can shake their phones to activate a snow globe. Alternatively, advertisers can harness our propensity use the peel component to allow users to peel off wrapping paper using an addictive swipe action. Or, using the swipe effect users can play a fun game with a box of Christmas present.
  • Gamification Invite your users to decorate a Christmas Tree or design their own snowflake. Through gamification you can bring gaming elements into your ad units, and tap into the playfulness of Christmas.

Looking for more inspiration? Explore our recorded webinar on seasonal creative formats, browse our showroom, or dive into the HTML5 Studio and start building using one of our straight-forward and easy to implement templates.