August 14, 2019

With the proliferation of data, devices, logins, and different media types, conventional targeting tools originally designed for a desktop-only landscape are insufficient on their own. This trend has given rise to an increasing need for cross-device solutions that connect the dots between that data and corresponding profiles to bridge the gaps and draw order from the noise.  While cross-device has been a core capability within our offering for years, the underlying identity graphs were powered by external partners. We have now decided to take more ownership for the benefit of our clients and have massively invested in creating Adform’s own cross-device graph.

Current research suggests the number of networked devices per person will continue to climb, reaching between 9-10 devices by 2025. At the same time, we’re already seeing that advertisers without a cross-device solution in place attribute on average between 20-30% fewer conversions. Meanwhile, things like ad fatigue continue to grow as a primary point of concern and source for ad wastage.

For Advertisers, the ability to accurately track and project real Cost Per Acquisition and to set the right ad exposure levels via cross-device frequency capping is more important than ever. All of this requires a comprehensive, reliable, and privacy-compliant series of tools that help Marketeers to effectively engage with their audience.

The Adform Difference

Our decision to launch the Adform Cross-Device Graph revolves around several key considerations. With privacy, governance, speed, and transparency into all aspects of ad tech being more important than ever, bringing cross-device in-house helps us to better serve the needs of our clients.  Launching our own cross-device graph fully integrated into the Adform platform delivers significant synergies and added value for clients that take advantage of the offering.

Just a couple of years ago, standard cross-device graph updates were done on a weekly basis. In some instances, that’s still the case. In others, those updates are done more often – but still typically on a 24-hour cycle. With our new internal solution, this time is reduced significantly. A central benefit of the Integrated Advertising Platform is added control over when to rebuild and update the graph, which is driven by the direct needs of Adform’s clients.  Fast-moving IDs are captured to provide a realistic profile of user activity and thus advertiser opportunity.  Adform is proud to have created a graph providing up to 20% higher reach - while delivering the highest quality.

More Reasons to Use Cross-Device

Cross-Device helps reduce ad waste and user fatigue caused by irrelevant and repetitive ads for campaigns that run for multiple days or weeks. In these cases, the use of Cross-Device will often pay for itself and is an essential tool every marketer should be leveraging:

For Branding

  • Communicate more clearly with people-based targeting
  • Target users across multiple devices
  • Improve performance metrics

For Prospecting

  • Identify and more effectively engage with relevant prospects
  • Capture enhanced data for better algorithmic performance
  • Support informed decisioning for top performing media and buying channels

Retargeting and Performance

  • Recognize and capture all opportunities, not a mixture of fragments
  • Rapidly optimize conversion rates to reduce the risk of overspend or wastage

Backed by Odin, Adform Cross-Device Delivers Solid Savings

With cross-device, a small up-front investment delivers significant potential savings. Odin, Adform’s advanced AI, powers Adform Cross-Device’s ability to rapidly crunch massive datasets, generate relational data, and help you optimize your campaigns. The potential savings this enables and the rapid payoff Cross-Device can deliver is most obvious in benchmark campaigns like the following where the true impact and cost savings of cross-device backed frequency capping is highlighted. 

Cross-Device in Practice

In this benchmark campaign, the advertiser utilized cross-device with a frequency cap of three. The result was a significant reduction in impressions required and unique ID’s detected when reaching the same target audience. After factoring in the added CPM cost for Adform cross-device usage, this led to a 37% increase in ROAS.

Don't Miss the Webinar

Join us for a free introductory webinar where we'll introduce you to the value of cross-device, while also touching on how the Adform Cross-Device graph differs from competitors and exciting ways to leverage cross-device in your campaigns.  The webinar takes place Tuesday, August 27th at 15:00 CEST.

Ready to Start Using Cross-Device?

If you’re an Adform client but not using Cross-Device yet, please reach out to your account manager or Adform central client services ([email protected]) and we’ll help you get started immediately.

Already a Cross-Device user but want to switch to Adform Cross-Device? Simply change your cross-device provider using the drop-down in the platform and notify your account representative for added support.

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