June 05, 2019

In the same way the assembly line revolutionized automotive manufacturing, dynamic creative has been instrumental in re-shaping the boundaries of tailored creative. Adform is fundamentally focused on enhancing your ability to deliver and scale tailored ads while optimizing for enhanced performance. This means a dedicated focus on better efficiency, easier strategy execution across multi-dimensional activation points, and fully harnessing the benefits of an integrated trading, data, and creative platform. 

A commitment to creative has always been a core part of our journey. When benchmarked by industry research like Gartner and Forrester, we consistently score at the forefront of creative platforms paired with a full suite of activation technologies. However, even beyond this, the ability to deploy and inform the delivery mechanism through our creative tools, backed by the full weight and synergies of the world’s most robust integrated advertising platform, is a true market differentiator.

To support our continued dedication to our creative offering, we are delighted to introduce Adform DCO Pro. DCO Pro unifies our existing Dynamic Ads, Product Retargeting, and advanced Hybrid Solutions offerings under a single product umbrella. With the launch of DCO Pro, we are releasing a set of new features for Dynamic Ads, as well as a host of enhancements to the core architecture driving our Dynamic Creative Optimization products and tools.

In internal testing with alpha clients, we have already seen DCO Pro deliver significant cost and efficiency savings while helping clients identify top performing messaging and creatives. 

DCO Pro Benchmark Results

While most DCO offerings on the market solve your basic needs as a client by supporting creative production efficiency, moderate to advanced personalization and general optimization options, we believe in delivering a better solution that closes the gap between you and clear results.

Key Benefits When You Choose Adform DCO Pro 

A truly unified creative and trading strategy

  • Creative decisioning is fully connected with Trading (DSP) and a broader Ad Server, allowing a uniform strategy execution opposed to disconnected targeting and execution strategies, difficulties in maintaining such complex setups and discrepancies. We know clients want flexibility, but also to simplify the number of vendors, data-handoffs, and contracts needed. Our ability to service your creative’s full journey without sacrificing features delivers operational and organizational simplicity while delivering significant time savings.

Data-driven execution across the funnel and the user journey

  • We provided an unparalleled ability to integrate data management and activation capabilities. This allows DCO Pro users to pair real-time and historical campaign data with 1st and 3rd party and trading data in a single tool, allowing consistent communication that spans across multiple-campaigns for more strategic execution.

Cross-format, Channel and Device support

  • We believe it is our role to deliver better ways for our clients to execute truly personalized campaigns across a wide range of different media and channels with as wide a collection of creative forms as possible. This is an on-going process, but DCO Pro, backed by the Integrated Advertising Platform is at the forefront of closing these gaps and delivering a fully empowered experience.

Simple user experience for better execution

  • We have flattened the user experience with a focus on delivering extensive options in as few steps as possible. This allows you to take care of all of your primary tasks in a single central place, making it easy to create and manage your DCO driven campaigns.

Superior Product Retargeting solution

  • In addition to Dynamic Ads, we also provide a more powerful and efficient mass versioning solution for product and service retargeting which can automatically ingest large sets of product items and rank, retarget, recommend in each impression based on browsing history and intention.

Hybrid Capabilities

  • The ability to pair the adaptive logic of Adform Product Retargeting with the scaled optimization and customization capabilities of Adform Dynamic Ads brings an enhanced level of flexibility that opens up a wide range of new possibilities.

Do More With Adform Signals

Adform Signals is a hyper-connection between our DSP, Ad Server and DCO Pro products. It bridges the gap between trading and creative tools with a focus on servicing the complexities of real-life use cases. Signals does away with the need for highly manual processes and duplicate steps when mapping and managing campaigns between DSP and Ad Server. It does this while extending creative decision-making capabilities beyond the standard targeting options available in the market. DCO Pro allows users to connect decision-making capabilities to trading parameters such as budgets, capping, hyper-local, inventory, and more.

The Engine Driving Your DCO Matters 

Adform’s position as the industry’s only fully-fledged independent advertising platform delivers unique advantages through advanced Machine Learning. This gives us added capabilities compared to individual standalone solutions or traditional “full stack” technology offerings which are lacking one or more key pillars such as an Ad Server or Data Management Platform. The unified underlying nature of our technology also allows us to tap into and train based on the extensive data that results. In the same way that a child grows smarter with the more data he/she learns from, an algorithm is only as good as the sum of the data it's exposed to. Richer data sets make for better AI performance, leading to better decisions and an immediate benefit to your campaigns.

As Adform is an integrated advertising platform with Ad serving, DSP, DMP, web analytics, SSP, and other related tools, we see far more user IDs and interactions globally than the majority of ad-tech solutions. We also go one step further, meeting the gold standard for measurement in the industry with MRC accredited support for key pieces of our measurement methodology and metrics.

Every month, this results in billions of data points, including anonymized and compliant onsite data, which fuels our algorithms. This data is then used to establish our general baseline or "big data signals" to feed the algorithms used for decisioning, auto-optimization, lookalike modeling, fraud detection, inventory forecasting, bid landscaping, and audience affinity tools in the platform.

Adform DCO Pro harnesses this data, seamlessly informing both creative and auction decisioning. From there, our Machine Learning algorithms then optimize on a more local level to track your individual banner and campaign performance, helping you measure and optimize while delivering quality and relevance to your ideal prospects.

A DCO Driven Future

We’ve also launched a new DCO Pro roadmap with an emphasis on further solving your needs as an advertiser in three core areas:

Cross Channel, Format and Device support – Effective real-time message decisioning requires the ability to scale and bridge the gaps that currently exist between technologies, formats, and media. Current market solutions do not sufficiently address this. DCO Pro is focused on delivering a solution that goes far beyond the existing status quo and builds for a media and channel rich future.

Strategic logic – At the heart of the powerful creatives of the future is the ability to refine further and customize the strategic logic shaping when, how, and where messages are displayed. We’re focused on an active capability that takes into consideration tools like Boolean logic and negative targeting that help you master exactly who does (or doesn’t) see your creative messages.

Enhanced intelligence - Integrated heatmaps and decision trees are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to enhanced insights and intelligence. Tools that make it easier to understand how your campaigns are performing, how to optimize them further, and how to maximize the opportunities that powerful creative surfaces directly translate into efficiency gains for clients.

New Features in DCO Pro 

Adform DCO Pro includes all of the core capabilities of our earlier Dynamic Ads, Product Retargeting, and Hybrid offerings, which were already some of the most powerful integrated tools on the market. However, at launch, DCO Pro pairs new backend enhancements with the following exciting new capabilities: 

  • Expansion of our cross-device and channel support with new Rich Media and Mobile MRAID capabilities for your dynamic ads campaigns, with Video VAST format support and cross-device targeting to follow.  
  • New strategy-boosting capabilities designed to help you execute your most sophisticated and advanced campaigns. Explore our new share of voice strategy and prioritize with confidence using our new version prioritization capability and targeting options with a consistent stream of additional strategies to be introduced on a rolling basis.
  • Leverage the full power of the seasons with new weather targeting capabilities. 
  • Benefit from a proven UI that empowers decision making while exploring full decision tree access and powerful integrated heatmap reporting.
  • Improve your efficiency and impact of each impression by enjoying the benefits of continued improvements to the underlying machine learning mechanisms that drive our DCO Pro tools. Adform’s extensive ecosystem and real-time data deliver advanced AI capabilities trained on extensive data signals only possible due to Adform’s integrated advertising platform. 

Changes to Our Product Offering

At the heart of our focus on delivering the world’s premier integrated advertising platform is our unflinching commitment to a modular and flexible approach.  This means that you, as a client, can choose the ideal combination of Adform products that best suits your needs with ample room to grow. Clients already using the Adform Ad Server or DSP can use DCO Pro immediately. If you’re interested in learning more about using DCO Pro as a stand-alone, please submit an inquiry and a local sales representative will be in touch promptly. Additional benefits, capabilities and synergies stem from wider use when also leveraging the full power of the Adform DSP and DMP.

To further support our commitment to DCO Pro, existing versions of Dynamic Ads and Product Retargeting will be sunset on September 30, 2019. Existing clients can transition to DCO Pro immediately or at any time between today and the final sunset date pending updated commercial terms and a revised contract.

Existing clients eager to start using DCO Pro immediately should contact your dedicated account representative for pricing, training, and to get started today.

New to the Adform platform and eager to learn more? Please contact [email protected] and enjoy our educational white papers for continued insights and knowledge sharing.   

Don't forget to join our webinar - Introducing Adform DCO Pro: Empowered Creative Optimization with a Twist, taking place June 19th at 15:00 CEST (Mainland Europe), 14:00 BST (London), 9 AM EST (New York). Registration is free.