Every month, we share with you a brief overview of the new changes, enhancements, and product launches from the previous month. You can see what’s new in Advertiser EdgeAudience Base, and Publisher Edge, as well as getting a peek at what’s coming up in the next few weeks.

If you’d like any more detailed information about these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager or visit our Help Center.

Advertiser Edge

Send Tags from the New Beta Tag Management Page

(September 30, 2019)

Managing tags has become faster and more efficient with a new improvement in the Beta Tag Management Page. This means that if you are working with Direct campaigns, you can now select and email tags to publishers directly from the new UI without needing to revert to the old version. 

Read more in Send Tags.

Tracking Filter in Actionable Analytics

(September 10, 2019)

You now have the possibility to filter relevant statistics in Actionable Analytics using the new Tracking filter. This option will help you to identify the most valuable domains for your campaign delivery and quickly exclude those that do not meet your expectations.

For more details about this feature, visit Actionable Analytics.

Dynata Pixel App

(September 6, 2019)

DMAi and Research Now pixel apps have merged to form a new Dynata pixel app. It provides a simplified setup to apply tracking pixels automatically. This enables you to evaluate your campaign performance and audience metrics, including reach, frequency, viewability, and non-human traffic.

Read here to find out more.

Updates to Come

A New Tag Name Macro

With the introduction of a new macro ADFTAGNAME, you will be able to automatically populate Adform Tag name into 3rd party trackers instead of manually changing the value. The macro can be used as both %%ADFTAGNAME%% (decoded special symbols) or _ADFTAGNAME_ (encoded special symbols).

Auto-Tagging in New Tag Management UI

With this release, you will be able to collect valuable stats by replacing the destination URL in an Adform tag, using the URL append function for the integration with 3rd party tools, and modifying those rules on the tag level without affecting them on the higher levels. 

Integration with IBM UBX for Data Import

The new integration focuses on using Acoustic Exchange to integrate IBM Commerce endpoints with the Adform Audience Base. This means that you will have the possibility to automate the process of sharing a specific audience from IBM Commerce products to the Adform platform. In addition, you will be able to re-target specific customers by adding or removing an audience from any Acoustic Exchange publisher to the Adform platform. To benefit from the integration, you will need to have an Adform Audience Base account as well as an IBM Acoustic Exchange Account and one or more of IBM Commerce products to use as Acoustic Exchange endpoints, for example, IBM Campaign and IBM Marketing Cloud.

Integration and New Service for Prisma

Adform will soon be able to provide a stable integration with Prisma, a 3rd party media-planning and buying tool. By creating a new Prisma service and enriching the integration with new features, we will be able to better help you in achieving your business objectives. 

New Dimensions in Buy-Side Custom Reports

The addition of two new reporting dimensions – RTB Video Placement Type and RTB Video Position - will allow you to compare ad performance in different placement positions and adjust targeting accordingly. RTB Video Placement Type indicates whether the ad was played in-stream or out-stream. RTB Video Position indicates whether the ad was played before, after, or during the streaming video content. The new dimensions will be available in the Custom Reports and the Reporting Stats API.

Save and Apply URL Append Rules in Campaign Edit UI 

Soon you will be able to add and apply URL append rules to all Direct tags directly in the Campaign Edit UI. The rules will be applied when you click a new “Save and Apply Rules” button instead of being applied once the campaign is saved.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager who will guide you through and answer any questions you may have.