Every month, we would like to share with you a brief overview of the new changes, enhancements, and product launches from the last month. See what’s new in Advertiser EdgeAudience Base, and Publisher Edge, and take a peek at what’s coming up in the next weeks.

If you’d like more detailed information about any of these new releases or product updates, please contact your local account manager or visit our Help Center.

Advertiser Edge

Introducing DCO Pro

(July 1, 2019)

We are delighted to introduce you to DCO Pro, our dynamic creative suite of tools which will enable you to achieve significant cost and efficiency savings while also helping you to identify top-performing messaging and creatives.

DCO Pro unifies Dynamic Ads, Product Retargeting, and advanced Hybrid Solutions offerings under one umbrella. It includes a number of exciting new features and capabilities, an innovation-driven roadmap, and completely supercharged backend infrastructure and engine. Plus, with DCO Pro you benefit from our novel Adform Signals capability and the automation and optimization muscle of one of the industry’s most advanced AI’s.

Read more in our blog.

New Tag Management Page (Beta)

(July 8, 2019)

Adform has released a BETA version of a brand-new Tag Management page - a powerful and handy tool designed to help you manage tags efficiently. The Tag Overview page shows a list of tags from all of the orders you have under a particular campaign so you no longer need to switch between orders.

With this release, you can customize your tag list, quickly filter large numbers of tags, explore statistics without generating reports, create thousands of tags in a few clicks, multi-edit tags, export them to a spreadsheet, and do much more. Creating, setting up, searching, filtering, and exporting can now be done faster than ever before. 

The new page is located under the Tag Management Beta tab on the Line Item page.

Refer here more details. 

New DMP Rate Card

(July 2, 2019)

You can now choose which cookie sources (Original, Lookalike, Cross-Device, or a combination of the three) you would like to target in order to extend the reach of your campaigns. After selecting them, a new Rate Card will conveniently display updated fee information which reflects the aggregate pricing per impression for the selected cookie ID, including any additional fees that will be charged on top of the segment’s base CPM price.

To select your Lookalike/Cross-Device cookie sources, first choose your selected audience segments in the Audience Marketplace, then click on the settings icon that you will see in the selected audience segment field.

To read more, go to DMP Audiences.

DMP Lookalike and Cross-Device Metrics Added to Reporting

(July 2, 2019)

To support targeting Lookalike and Cross-Device cookies in segments, we have introduced two new metrics - DMP Lookalike Extension Cost which shows total Lookalike extension cost that was spent on DMP Lookalike extension data to win an impression in RTB, and DMP Cross-Device Extension Cost which shows total Cross-Device extension cost that was spent on DMP Cross-Device extension data to win an impression in RTB.

The new metrics allow you to see the impact on your campaign's performance when targeting on these cookie sources is enabled. They are available in the Custom Reports and the Reporting Stats API. 

For more details, go to Compatible Metrics and Dimensions and Reporting Dictionary.

Site Tracking Integrations: adsquare Footfall Measurement

(July 3, 2019)

You now have the opportunity to measure the effectiveness of your campaign by using adsquare's footfall metric which shows the number of users who visit a store or other physical location after being exposed to your ad campaign. Thanks to the real-time delivery of this ad engagement KPI, you are able to improve your drive-to-store campaign efficiency, optimize spend, and validate your media investment.

To get started, set up an account with adsquare, provide them with the required information, and start optimizing towards collected store visit conversions.

Read more about Custom Reports.

Audience Base

New UI for Usage Reports

(July 4, 2019)

To improve your workflows and boost your productivity, the Usage Report section has been enhanced with an array of new features. You now have easier access to the usage data and are able to customize the reporting grid, such as change the width and order of the columns by using drag'n'drop, pin and unpin the columns, set up 3 levels of column grouping, and apply filtering. You will also benefit from more convenient navigation, extended export possibilities, ability to select time periods for data display, and impression chart for the top10 performing entities.

For in-depth information about the new UI, go here.

Selections of UID Types in Destinations

(July 4, 2019)

To give you more transparency and control of the data you send to external platforms, Adform has introduced the possibility to select UID Types (Browser and/or Advertising UIDs) in the Destinations Rules section. You are able to choose and see the types of UIDs exported to each destination, as well as update the rule if you want to change it.

Read more in Integrations with External Platforms and Create Export Rule.

Updates to Come

Launch of Adform Cross-Device Graph

Stay tuned for next month's exciting announcement about Adform's own Cross-Device solution. The decision to release our own, proprietary graph has been fueled by the ongoing fragmentation of the industry with regards to technology, devices, and platforms. By combining Adform's industry-leading reach and data quality with the most advanced engineering and data-science efforts we are able to help your campaigns deliver in a multi-device, multi-environment world. Our solution complies to the highest standards of security and compliance with privacy regulations all while making sure that Adform clients benefit from all the opportunities of people-centric advertising.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager who will guide you through and answer any questions you may have.