Jun. 27, 2018

Ratecard interviews Julien Gardès, VP Southern Europe of Adform. Julien tell the history of the Adform and the recent entry in the French market. Adform offers a full-stack programmatic buying platform for ad serving, DSP and DMP, targeting both agencies and advertisers.

Original text (in French):

Adform, the holy trinity of programmatic (interview with J.Gardès)

In order to find out more about  Adform, still little known in France, we met Julien Gardès, VP Southern Europe of the company, in their offices in the Montorgueil district. When Julien begins to tell us the history of the Danish adtech company, we are surprised by his late implementation in France. Indeed, this technology platform created fifteen years ago currently has more than 900 employees in 18 countries! France was the last big European market where Adform was not yet present, so it is now repaired.

Who is Adform? It is a full-stack buy-side programmatic buying platform for both adserver, DSP and DMP, targeting both agencies and advertisers. This offer is therefore a complete suite that can be described as "Holy Trinity of the programmatic". Adform leverages its digital advertising experience and expertise to create solutions that are designed to be even more effective when deployed with each other as a full-stack solution. , thus avoiding silo effects that are always counterproductive. Indeed, most advertisers are currently limited by point solutions that fail to communicate with each other or clash with walled gardens that block data.

"Adform believes that using an open and flexible global platform is now a very practical option for international advertisers,"  says Julien to illustrate his point.

Built on the three pillars of data, creativity and trading, Adform's solution enables data centralization to feed real-time dynamic content and creative optimization at critical moments of the user journey, as well as campaigns. branding than performance. This omni-channel approach makes it possible, among other things, to guard against data leakage, reduce latency effects and thus improve media efficiency.

The company is also an expert on e-privacy and has been interested in it for many years, long before the General Data Protection Regulation was decided. Adform is widely recognized for its "  RGPD-friendly" approach and has worked with several German companies, particularly sensitive on this subject, such as Deutsche Telekom or Deutsche Post.

Adform is a full-stack solution but its historical business is indeed the ad-serving buy-side. Thus, we could not finish our interview without addressing an unavoidable news topic: the return of the adserver. Let's be honest, in recent years, adservers were not popular. Let's not be afraid to say they were even considered tacky. However, like any fad, they come back into fashion and embody the  "new cool".

Julien explains this phenomenon as obvious:  "In the world there are 3 buy-side adservers that really have the critical size, the same for the sell-side. On the other hand, there are dozens and dozens of SSPs and DSPs. However, without adserving, the SSP and DSP no longer have any interest. Today in the digital world, one can live without DSP and SSP but not without adserver! It is indispensable .

The value proposition of Adform therefore begins with this speech. Julien tells us that half of the calls for tenders currently answered by the company are focused on adserving.


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