May 29, 2020

**UPDATE - JUNE 1, 2020**

With many of the world's markets re-opening, we've seen CPM prices and overall market trends begin to stabilize. Across the board, we've seen CPM prices return to, or surpass where they were at the outset of the COVID-19 crisis.  While the recovery is sure to be a challenging and extended process, we see these indicators as positive and representative of a return to relative normalcy.  This also means that the daily update of this post is no longer needed and will be discontinued.  If you're an Adform client, your account manager will be happy to continue to support you with guidance upon request.   


In times of uncertainty, critical information is essential.  We know it must be highly relevant, recent, and provide timely and actionable insights. To support you in this, and our unique position in the industry, we’ve created this post which we will update on a daily basis Monday-Friday over the coming period. So please consider bookmarking this page and checking back often. 

This post serves as a companion to our Trend Report: Navigating in Times of Uncertainty (most recently updated May 1 to include March and April figures). 

In addition to the indexed preview data and markets included in this post we’ve created custom extended market reports with additional details and expanded market coverage. These reports are available upon request to Adform clients through your account manager.

At Adform, we are committed to getting you the information and context you need in the moment.

All data is based on open market signals and aggregated market trends.

High level observations:

When we deep dive into the data, we see that the crisis has had a wide range of different impacts on verticals.  The most obvious of which is travel, with people confined to their homes, borders closed, and many airlines grounding their entire fleets. Unsurprisingly travel spend has been devastated, down 82% between March and January.  Arts and Entertainment, inclusive of movie theaters and various events has also seen a more than 40% drop. While other sectors such as Technology and Computing and Personal Finance are up 32% and 24% respectively as people transition online, dive into their finances, and closely review their financial strategy and opportunities.

  • There was a strong shock to advertising budgets in the middle of March as a majority of Europe shifted to remote work
  • Advertising budgets in some sectors have been re-enabled after a brief pause to re-evaluate and re-position campaigns
  • There are strategic opportunities for advertisers to build long term brand loyalty and drive performance in the short and mid-term
  • Industry impact is more sophisticated than initial reports suggested and varies heavily from market to market as well as vertical to vertical

Key considerations:

  • A wide variety of parallel influences are active in shaping availability, buying, and prices at any given point in time
  • A significant amount of additional inventory has been created in certain channels as a result of the stay-at-home economy
  • Stay-at-home economy may include a large percentage of COVID-19 related content which may not be brand safe, or may be brand-sensitive for marketing purposes in some cases
  • Publishers may opt to restrict certain inventory at a higher pace to deals, restricting it from the open market

This post was last updated:

29-05-2020 - From June 1, 2020 updates to this post have been discontinued.

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Are you an Adform client, but don’t see your market? Extended market reports with additional details and expanded market coverage are available upon request to Adform clients through your account manager.