As a brand whose bread and butter comes from connecting advertisers and publishers, we are acutely sensitive to the rise and fall of the market. As is the case for many of Adform’s clients, we have already started to feel the impact of the current crisis.

Adform was founded shortly after the 2001 Dot-com bubble burst, navigated the 2008 crisis, and we are using those insights to shape our response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the crisis picked up momentum, our leaders immediately started taking an on-the-fly look at shaping an updated strategy.

They looked closely at market trends, predictions, and opted for rapid and decisive action.

At the heart of Adform’s response are three priorities: To look after the health and well-being of our employees, to support our clients, and to empower our relationships.

Top Priority: Looking After Our People

Our leadership’s top focus is a deep investment in and concern for our employees. This means doing everything we can to balance the needs and well-being of our people with the practicalities of navigating this crisis.

With budgets impacted, Adform’s leadership felt prompt and decisive action was the only option to ensure continued stability and support for our 650+ employees.

Our first step was to cut or cancel all non-essential activities:

  • We reduced all non-essential costs
  • Halted all travel and non-essential hiring
  • Implemented an extensive work from home strategy

However, market predictions made it clear that these steps were insufficient. By far, the majority of our financial costs every year stem from Adform's investment in our people. And yet, it was important to Adform's leadership team that we do everything possible to protect our people in these challenging times.

So, our leaders led by example.

From April 1st, all senior leadership immediately volunteered to take a 20% reduction in salary for three months.

Keeping in this spirit, we also asked all employees who were able without crippling impact, to reduce their monthly hours by one day a week, and monthly wages by 20% for the next three months.

We are proud of the care and concern our people have shown and their willingness to step in and to support each other, as well as their help in ensuring a strong future for the organization.

As a result, we are currently able to enter the next three months on strong financial footing.

We are also well suited to navigate and support clients in the coming months.

Priority 2: Helping Our Clients

When an aircraft encounters turbulence and the oxygen masks deploy, your first responsibility is to get your own mask on. Once that’s done – it is to look after those traveling with you and to help each other however possible.

We have made sure all of our support and service teams remain fully staffed and briefed to support clients with knowledge drawn from across our global markets. 

We know that many clients are facing rapidly changing market situations which call for additional help. To support this, we have launched a three-month managed service special and set the price at the bare minimum in order to lend a helping hand.

While there has been a natural knee-jerk reaction to this crisis, affecting marketing budgets across all channels, digital is the place to invest right now and we are here to enable the continued growth of our clients.  Internet traffic is through the roof, engagement is up, and prices are down.  With brick and mortar stores closed across many regions of the world, ecommerce is spiking as consumers head online and digital advertising is the best way to reach them.

You can also expect exciting things from Adform over the remainder of 2020, with enhancements to our client experience and client efficiency as top priorities. These projects are on schedule and remain a key focus.

We also want clients to know – we are here for you. We know you are facing significant challenges and we want to help wherever possible.

Priority 3: New Materials to Support You

Timely knowledge, insights, and guidance are more important now than ever.

In addition to the recent launch of the Adform Academy for on-going education, we have introduced a dedicated series of educational webinars, and will be focusing on informational content and thought leadership in the coming months.

We’ll be looking at driving material for you that is not only relevant and timely, but which also includes actionable data.

To support this, we have created our CPM Trend Report white paper available for download here with country-specific historical and day-by-day insights to empower your decision making. We are pairing it with a new daily CPM update, where we will help you track and make sense of how the COVID-19 crisis is impacting CPMs. 

We are extremely proud of how our employees have risen to the occasion and the sense of investment and commitment they have made in each other. While significant challenges await Adform and the industry as a whole, we are confident that we are well prepared to face them and look forward to moving Forward. Together.

We’re here. We’re open for business. We’re hard at work and we’re eager to serve you.