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Advertiser Edge: The Integrated Advertising Platform

Resend RTB Tags Feature Added to New Tag Management UI

(March 31, 2020)

We've made tag management more efficient and convenient with a focus on saving you time. With this release, you are able to resend RTB tags straight from the new Tag Management UI. You can resend the selected RTB tags for approval to all inventory sources, or only to inventory sources with "Rejected" and/or "In progress" statuses.

For more information, visit the Send Tags section in our Help Center.

RTB Tag Approval Status

(March 31, 2020)

You can now conveniently see all RTB tag approval statuses in the new Tag Management UI. Select, filter, or search for tags and see their data displayed in the dedicated panel on the right-hand side of the page. Click on a status to see the tags it contains. 

Learn more about what different statuses mean.

Updates to Come

New Tag Management Will Soon Exit Beta

In the near future, the current tag page will be replaced with our new easy-to-use Tag Management UI. You will be able to access it by clicking the Tags tab in the upper menu.


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager who will guide you through and answer any questions you may have.



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