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Advertiser Edge: The Integrated Advertising Platform

New Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting Provider: Semasio

(February 5, 2020)

To give you more options when selecting your Brand Safety and Contextual Targeting provider, Adform has introduced a new product from our Trusted Partner Semasio. Their User Intelligence Platform (UIP) allows customers to create highly flexible and uniquely targeted audience segments using a variety of data points. Combining advanced semantic analysis and user modeling techniques with industry know-how and proprietary technology allows Semasio UIP to consistently deliver high-value and accurate segments.

Read more in Contextual Targeting and Brand Safety.

New Amounts for Impressions and Clicks in Campaigns, Orders, and Line Items

(February 7, 2020)

You can now better execute your media buying strategy by setting a flexible number of clicks and impressions in the Campaign, Order, and RTB Line Item budget settings. Previously, the number of clicks had to be divisible by 100, and impressions by 1,000. 

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Updates to Come

Resend RTB tags in the new Tags Management UI

With this release, a new functionality will be introduced that will allow you to resend RTB tags in the new Tags Management UI. You will be able to submit selected RTB tags for approval to all inventory sources, and resend selected RTB tags to inventory sources with "rejected" or "pending" statuses. 

Longer Names for Tags and Creatives

Soon, you will have the freedom to use longer names for your creatives and tags. After the release, the names of tags and newly built or uploaded creatives can contain as many as 256 symbols, whereas now this number is 100. 


If you are unsure of how to use or access any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact your local campaign manager who will guide you through and answer any questions you may have.



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