Advertising Week 360, Julian Baring - General Manager-North America, Adform

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The already-frazzled marketing landscape breathed a temporary sigh of relief when Apple announced that it was delaying the implementation of its plans to require users to opt-in to its IDFA tracking until next year. This relief, however, underscores a growing challenge among today’s brands and agencies that’s not going away—namely, the accelerating loss of relied-upon means of identifying consumers across channels.

Between Apple’s still-forthcoming IDFA update and Google’s planned massive step forward in the deprecation of the third-party cookie, marketers’ grasp on consumer identity in the digital age has never been more precarious. And yet, at the same time, consumer demands for personalized and seamless communications and experiences have never been higher.

Brands and agencies that have spent the past decade cobbling together best-of-breed marketing technology stacks will feel the loss of third-party cookies and IDFA intelligence most deeply. It’s these institutions—the ones that have carefully selected and strung together complex networks of disparate vendors and solutions over time—that will have the most trouble finding and executing identity workarounds in today’s ever-changing marketing ecosystems. That’s why, in the coming years, having access to an integrated tech stack will be more important than ever.

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