Update On Cyber Security Incident

On 8th December, Adform discovered a cyber security incident similar to those that other international and Danish companies have recently experienced. Due to the relentless work of our internal and external security teams, along with the extraordinary response from Lithuanian National Cyber Security Centre, we are now in a position where we can share some good news. The perpetrators have confirmed that they do not have copies of the stolen data.  

During and after the attack, our external platform has not been impacted, and our customers have not been impacted, as our pre-production and production environments were not affected.

Our restoration activities have started in regards to our internal systems, and we will of course continue to monitor the situation and are in contact with any stakeholders that could potentially be impacted.  

Troels Jensen, CEO Adform, says “The information that no personal data is in the hands of the perpetrators and hence available for illegal public disclosure by the perpetrators due to the cyber-attack is really good news. As ever, we remain cautious and our exceptional internal security teams will continue to monitor the attack. We continue to be committed to protect our customers, employees and stakeholders confidential information and personal data.” 

We will provide further updates if necessary


December 10, 2021

Adform Impacted by Cyber Security Incident

On 8 December 2021, Adform discovered a cyber security incident, similar to those that other Danish companies have recently experienced. The incident involved external attackers gaining unauthorized access to some of Adform’s IT systems. Following extensive investigations and restoration activities with external IT security partners, all external platforms are up and running. The investigations are still ongoing, but Adform and third-party experts have confirmed that the event has had no impact on our production nor pre-production environments, hence no customer operations are affected. The attack is limited to internal admin files.

During the attack, data was illegally retrieved from a few internal admin servers, and the attackers have since threatened to publish the stolen data. Adform immediately involved the relevant authorities and IT security experts. Furthermore, a thorough investigation to identify the compromised data, and any individuals whose personal data could have been affected, is ongoing. We will initiate communication with the affected parties.

Troels Jensen, CEO Adform, says “On 8 December 2021, Adform’s security team discovered a cyber security incident. Our internal security team’s ongoing commitment to protecting Adform, was key in preventing a wider attack. Unfortunately, the attackers did manage to steal a limited amount of internal administrative and personal data and we are collaborating with the affected stakeholders and authorities. We are also in the process of identifying and restoring backups of the data. In that regard, we ask for continued support and understanding, as well as the condemnation of criminal activities such as ransomware and the illegal sharing of data”.

We will provide further updates if necessary.

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