The phasing out of third-party cookies has been an ongoing challenge for digital advertising, affecting opportunities to reach Safari users and driving market uncertainty about how ad frameworks will change. But a new joint solution developed by Adform and Ekstra Bladet means saying goodbye to third-party cookies no longer has to be challenging. 

When Google becomes the last major player to deprecate third-party cookies in 2022, it will remove an important technical element of how today’s online ads are targeted and measured. This shift will put Google in step with Apple and Mozilla, coming after continued efforts by both companies to block the use of third-party cookies in their browsers.

To address these challenges, Danish tech company Adform — the only independent global ad management platform covering all aspects of the digital campaign lifecycle — has launched an innovative solution to facilitate media trading using first-party data and IDs, without requiring a login from users to enable ad targeting. This solution presents the first real answer to how marketing will function after third-party cookies disappear, in addition to providing an alternative to the login-based media giants like Facebook and Google. 

“After switching to programmatic and database-centric media procurement, digital advertising has seen more focus on third-party data and less on the interaction between brands and publishers, and thus also less emphasis on tapping and gaining insight into the first-party data publishers hold. Now that online advertising will generally go from being a third-party to a first-party world, that is going to change,” says Jakob Bak, co-founder of Adform. 

Bak continues: "I think this news is a welcome development for the industry, as advertisers can build expertise and infrastructure to operate without third-party cookies. The opportunity it provides to re-establish the ability to target, control frequency and run efficient measurement across Safari and Mozilla advertising will drive fast adoption of the new solution. Moreover, given that Safari and Mozilla account for up to half of all site visitors, it could be a definite gamechanger for the digital ecosystem as a whole.”

Claes Braagaard, Nordic Chief Investment Officer at the media agency Omnicom Media Group, supports the concept:

“We have been very much looking forward to getting started with testing Adform and Ekstra Bladet's new approach. There is a strong need for new, forward-looking solutions, and we naturally have a strong focus on testing the various options that are offered. We have long pushed to make this specific solution happen, as we believe in its potential to create a positive effect for our customers in both the short and long term.”

Better internet and better data

Ekstra Bladet are the first media in Denmark to implement Adform’s new first-party solution. The first-party data collated via Ekstra Bladet's own ID will be made available for use in transactions run on Adform’s platform enabling precise campaign targeting across At a wider industry level, the solution will deliver multiple benefits for buyers and sellers, beyond creating a real substitute for third-party cookies. Currently, data used for targeting and measurement is often limited by the short lifespan of third-party cookies, which averages at 1-2 weeks. The significantly longer lifespan of first-party data supplied by Ekstra Bladet's means it can be consistently refined over a longer period of time, allowing for more accurate and nuanced targeting, as well as analysis.  

“At Ekstra Bladet, we are very concerned with showing responsible data use to our users, while also giving advertisers the best opportunities to get the most out of their advertising dollars. That is why we launched our self-developed data platform Relevance last year, which allows advertisers to target advertising with first-party data that is only collected with the consent of users,” says Signe Skarequist, director of digital sales & tech, at Ekstra Bladet.

Signe Skarequist continues: “Through the partnership with Adform, we can now make these Relevance target groups available in Adform's buying platform, which enables easy automated purchasing based on first-party data without the users' data being shared with others in the advertising market. At the same time, it will once more be possible to frequency-manage campaigns in Safari browsers. It is ground-breaking and we are incredibly happy that Adform has been forward-looking and thus first movers in this area.”


About Adform

Adform is the only global, independent and fully integrated advertising platform built for modern marketing. Itsunique enterprise technology – Adform FLOW – harnesses superior user experience and a scalable, modular and open architecture, to enable seamless management the whole campaign lifecycle. The platform provides clients with enhanced control and transparency across their advertising activities, including ownership of all data from their campaigns. Since 2002, Adform has developed technology to enhance human/machine collaboration and deliver augmented intelligence, thereby amplifying the business results for its customers around the world.

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