Junior DevOps Engineer

Adform is growing and we are looking for a Junior DevOps Engineer (or a Software Developer willing to transition to this role) to join an amazing DevOps team providing services and consultations for our 250+ internal clients (mostly developers). The core services of the team include, but are not limited to:

  • Observability systems: centralized monitoring (Prometheus, Grafana, Thanos), alerting (Alertmanager, VictorOps), logging (ELK), and distributed tracing (future project)
  • Inventory and self-service internal system development (.NET Core)
  • Configuration management (Puppet)

On a daily basis your tasks will be:

  • Building and maintaining team services in a high scale environment using Kubernetes, OpenStack, DroneCI and other
  • Owning and developing internal self-service system using .NET Core
  • Automating all the things (with a decent serving of yak shaving)
  • Building internal tools and services using Go and Python
  • Sharing knowledge and consulting developers on improving the development process
  • Following technology trends and implementing best practices
  • Continuously developing personal, interpersonal and technical competence

Let's talk if you: 

  • Have experience with Linux/Windows Server 
  • Know what Docker/Kubernetes is 
  • Are familiar with basic observability principles and tools 
  • Have experience developing applications in .NET or .NET Core 
  • See the value in contributing to open source projects 
  • Are familiar with version control systems (e.g. Git) and infrastructure-as-code 
  • Automate tasks you have to do more than twice 
  • Are constantly learning new things and applying them in your day-to-day activities  
  • Have a strong ownership mindset 
  • Looking forward to grow in a constantly changing technological environment  

Adform is the best-resourced European display advertising technology company, featuring the following key metrics which increased just while you were reading this posting:

  • 600+ employees in 18+ locations worldwide
  • 50 billion transactions per day
  • 4+ million requests per second
  • 7 data centers across 4 continents
  • 2000+ physical servers
  • 5000+ virtual machines
  • 1000+ Kubernetes PODs
  • Petabytes of data