Adform is the best-resourced European display advertising technology company, featuring the following key metrics which increased just while you were reading this posting:

  • 800+ employees in 22 offices Worldwide
  • 100 billion transactions per day
  • 1 million requests per second to DSP
  • 7 data centers across 4 continents
  • 6000+ high performance servers
  • Complex calculations per request in < 20 ms
  • Petabytes of data

Adform is growing rapidly and we are looking for DevOps engineers willing to join one of the teams providing services, consultations and support for our 350+ internal clients (developers, QAs, etc). Team's core services include, but are not limited to:

Cluster management:

Mesos platform for Storm topologies (bare metal + openstack)

Windows Web Platform (IIS + Haproxy + DNS + cloudflare)

Configuration management - Puppet

Provisioning - Foreman

CI\CD - TeamCity, Drone, Rundeck

 Monitoring\Visualization - Graphite, Grafana, NewRelic

  • Up to 60 percent of your time you will be working together with product development team on their daily tasks as well as major infrastructural challenges

  • Up to 80 percent of your time you will be working in Linux world, Windows - 20%.

Team's main challenge for 2018:

build Logging aaS to handle 1+ petabyte data per month - ElastichSearch 6.x, Logstash, Kafka, Kibana, SSL client based authentication, LDAP.

On a daily basis your tasks will be:

  • Build and maintain managed services in a rapid growth and geo-expansion environment
  • Share knowledge and consult developers on how to improve whole development process
  • Automate all the things (with a decent serving of yak shaving)
  • Ensuring service quality and growth
  • Following market trends and implementing best practices
  • Continuously developing personal, interpersonal and technical competence

If you...

  • imagine yourself collaborating with 350+ developers who are experimenting with various technology stacks
  • are constantly learning new things and applying them to deal with challenges in your day-to-day activities
  • have experience in building scalable, stable, flexible, and convenient to use infrastructure
  • automate tasks you have to do more than twice
  • could tell us how you've dealt with communication and teamwork issues within a team
  • maintain the pace and ownership mindset in an informal management and communication environment

Let us know about yourself!


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