DevOps Engineer in IAP Team

About the Team 

We’re a team of motivated professionals that turns most challenging tasks into reality.

We’re folks who focus on technological excellence in a full development cycle:

- tech team (.NET, Scala, engineers, frontend engineers, manual and automation QA engineers)

- and business team (product owner, business analyst)

Our projects are core part of the company (IAP stands for Inventory, Advertisers, Pricing) and highly used by other teams and systems.  We use agile methodologies and we like using XP practices to achieve best results.

About Tech Landscape

Services are split approximately 80/20 between .NET/Scala on backend, we use Single Page Applications on frontend (React). We are aggressively moving towards microservices architecture (new stuff is architected as microservices, we're also splitting existing monoliths).

MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MSSQL are key technologies for storing data along with RabbitMQ and Kafka for messaging. We develop new services on .NET Core (most of the existing services use 4.5 – 4.6 and being migrated to .NET Core) and deploy them on Linux (CentOS) in multiple data centers.

DevOps and Continuous Integration are our standard way of running software and we love it. We automate all deployment and configuration tasks with tools like Puppet, Ansible and PowerShell. Our services require permanent High Availability, thus we're heavily addicted to monitoring our services with Graphite/Grafana (going to migrate to centralized monitoring service based on Prometheus). All our logging is done via ELK stack.

About the role

Your key responsibility will be optimize and maintain automated deployment pipeline for around 40 interconnected services which being owned and developed by the team. We are looking forward to using Docker and Kubernetes in our deployment, achieving better integration of automated tests in the pipeline, optimizing feedback loops, implementing abilities to make blue-green and canary deployments. In short, we want to achieve effective Continuous Delivery, we want to release often with confidence, automate as much as possible, and we need DevOps Engineer to facilitate these activities.

You'll be an integral part of our agile workflow: as any other team member you will participate in business and technical planning and have a say in iterative improvements of our process. Along with team work, you'll collaborate with DevOps community in Adform and will be able to contribute to our centralized services and best practices.


  • Ownership mindset and proactivity (team is constantly and proactively looking for ways to make the our product better in reliability, quality, performance, etc., and we expect you to share this attitude)
  • Extensive experience in Linux and/or Windows website and web service deployments
  • Experience writing code to create automated solutions
  • Experience implementing Continuous Delivery pipelines
  • Experience with continuous integration tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, Drone
  • Experience with configuration management tools like Puppet or Ansible
  • Experience with Docker and container orchestration platforms (Kubernetes)
  • Good understanding of high availability, high performance, and security principles applicable to web applications
  • Good understanding of HTTP, RESTful web services and web development as a whole
  • Upper-intermediate English (you have to be comfortable to communicate in English with your collegues from other countries in real-life and virtual communications)

Nice to have

  • Experience in running solutions built according to microservices architecture principles
  • Knowledge of C# and .NET platform in general
  • Production experience gathering, digesting, and improving monitoring and performance metrics.

About Us

Adform providesan integrated Software as a Service platform for the buying, managing and serving of digital advertising. The company’s software consist of a Data Management Platform, a Demand Side Platform and an Ad Serving Platform with advanced analytics, reportingand creative tools that drive high impact digital advertising campaigns globally. Founded in Denmark in 2002, Adform services a client portfolio that includes the world’s leading agencies, advertisers, consultancies, and publishers.

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